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  1. So, I wanted to thank everyone for the tips and advice and thought I'd share an update. I've successfully made a template and cut out what will be, the front and back parts of the shield. Below is the front. I'm trying just a basic shield this go around to try to get a feel for the entire process.
  2. Hello Everyone! Brand new newbie here. I'm a firefighter and I'm trying to get into making the helmet shields for those retiring or leaving to go somewhere else. They make awesome gifts. Which brings me to my request, is there anybody out there that has a template that I can print out in order to get a 100% symmetrical and accurate shield? The ones my department lent me are old and pretty misshapen. Also open to any and all advice from anyone willing to help out. If you made it this far, thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you all.
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