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  1. Chick41

    Tippmann Boss

    Everybody knows what this is, so I'll just give you what you don't know. Bought March 2019,. Well cared for and used then til now. Comes with 10 needles, 6 bobbins, double toe and 2 centre foot presser feet and 1/4 lb of 277 thread. It's like new and works well. Reason for selling is because I've upgraded. 1400CAD which is about 1050USD. I'm in Nova Scotia, but I'll ship for free within Canada or the US.
  2. I'm in Canada, and deal with tandy a fair amount, but they only carry double shoulders here. As for Weaver, I'd need to ship across the border, not impossible just more difficult, their bends are only up to 52 inches, I saw no sides listed. Thanks for this idea. I might give it a try.
  3. As I stated I can't find anything other than double shoulders. Sides would be the obvious solution. Where do I get them???
  4. When I line my western gunbelts I use suede, glued and sewn, I can only find a source for double shoulders and if the belt is too long I need to splice the lining. I've been doing this with a baseball stitch to hold the two pieces together until it's glued, which works good up until I need to trim the excess lining. When I trim the lining, I have to cut the threads at the end of the stitch line, which means the stitch line has no finish. It's glued down, but my concern is over time the thread may pull and the spliced edge could lift. If anyone could suggest a better way, I'm all ears
  5. I have a small leather shop in Nova Scotia Canada. I make archery quivers and armguards, belts, holsters etc. I'm looking for a used sewing machine that will sew a few layers of 8-9 oz veg tan. It needs a walking foot or needle feed. Biggest issue is shipping, so it needs to be local or the seller needs to be able to ship.
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