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  1. @fredk Nifty idea with the shower curtain! I've worked with ripstop before (making stunt kites). It's tough stuff. Those plastic snaps are cheap. I've seen them on other stuff, and they're surprisingly secure. Hi @Frodo Hahaha! I wonder if I could attach a key fob to my Samurai Sword and carry it about? Getting hit by that would ruin someone's day. Hi @chuck123wapati Here in the UK they actually made carrying Monkey's Fists illegal, as they were becoming too popular as a self defence tool. They ruin all our fun over here.....Never heard the name Poke before in relation to those money pouches! I like it. Another use for the Chrome tanned sheets I have laying around......
  2. Hi @fredk! Yes, that's a problem. A lot of pouches are made to fit the plastic pouches that some Baccy comes in. It might be an idea to actually line the leather pouch with an actual plastic tobacco pouch......Maybe glue it in, then sew around the edges. The pouches from dieselpunk seem to be big affairs, that hold pipes and tools, and a separate pouch of Baccy. My mate at work actually spent £25 for a pouch made from upholstery leather, complete with unfinished edges. I knew it was Upholstery leather because it was exactly the same leather as one of my sheets bought off Ebay. My immediate thought was 'That's a big profit margin'. I got ten sheets off ebay for about £12. Each sheet would make one pouch. Ten pouches sold on ebay.....£250.....
  3. Hi @zuludog I could have done with the Chairleg man at my school.....He'd sort out the nastier kids....And the nastier teachers..... Hi @fredk, Great bit of psychology with the Brass knob. Kept you out of trouble without getting you IN trouble. I bought some patterns off Dieselpunk yesterday. Got the Moloko 3 bag, a tobacco pouch and pipe stand, and a simple Bifold wallet. Downloaded the videos, now just need to buy some leather. I might practice the wallet and tobacco pouch using a bunch of Chrome leather I have. Probably stick a couple of layers of thin Chrome together to give it some body. It'll take me some time to afford the veg tan for the bag.
  4. @kiwican True! Once I get some more leather I might make a few 'Coin Purse' types. Much more legal than the finished and lead filled Cosh..... @chrisash It's never too late Chris! Treat it as exercise. Bash the postman every morning till you get the hang of it. I know what you mean, though. I'd probably put my back out if I swung a Cosh at anyone. I use a stick to get around, a nice Blackthorn. That's probably enough to deter any muggers. @zuludog Thanks for the tips, zuludog! That mounting card is good stuff, and the art shop down the road sells packs of 10 or so for a pound. I'll check out edgematters, always interested in forums on knives. Love that newspaper trick......Reminds me of the quote from Hitch Hikers Guide "Drinking a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is like being smashed in the head with a slice of lemon......Wrapped around a large Gold Brick". @toxo Yes! I like a lot of Dieselpunk.Ro's stuff. I intend to get some of his patterns, including that handsome Motoko 3 bag. I shocked it was your first project! That's amazing! And very encouraging. I got myself a bunch of hole punches a week or two back. The smallest is pretty tiny. I'm sure I could use that method without weakening the bag structure. VERY excited now. If I can make that bag I'll put pics up. Thanks everyone! Very eager to get some sewing done :-)
  5. Thanks to all for the information. I can rest a bit easier in my bed tonight, knowing that my project won't land me in the slammer! Time to make something more wholesome now
  6. Hi @fredk Yes, that sums it up nicely :-)
  7. Hi @kiwican ! Thanks for the welcome. I used lead shot, of VERY tiny size (pinhead sized) mixed with evostick contact cement. Filled up each moulded hollow and let it set, then glued the two halves together. Hi @toxo ! You're right. Illegal to carry outdoors, and MAYBE legal if kept indoors. I'm currently searching the internet to confirm I'm Ok having it at home. If not, then sadly I'll have to remove the lead shot and make it a Coin purse :-) !! You've done a great job on that purse. It looks like it holds enough coins to stun an Ox!
  8. Hi @Matt S ! Thanks for the welcome. I'm in Bournemouth. I see you're in London, I've lived in Dagenham and Stratford, and sometimes miss the place :-) Can't see the PM yet, but it might take some time to get through.
  9. Thanks Retswerb! I think I definitely have, as my studio flat now resembles a workshop, complete with bench drill, and a carpet covered in leather strands :-) And I love it......
  10. Hi Folks, Thought I'd introduce myself after lurking for a few weeks. I'm in the UK, and just started on this leather crafting journey. I've always admired and desired products made in good quality leather, and never really been able to afford them. I've also always dabbled in making stuff (ships in bottles, a bit of wood carving, drawing and painting etc). I'm also into knives, guns and other fun stuff, and saw a picture of a finely made Sap a few months ago. Then it struck me that I could make one....So I started investigating leather crafting, spent a few hundred pounds on tools, and waded into making a Sap. It turned out Ok, so I showed a man at work, and he immediately wanted one, so I got some nice Veg Tanned and made him one. He gave me £30 for that Here's a pic..... Now I want to get away from Saps and into bags, wallets and belts. Currently pondering various patterns and template materials, and saving some money for a big lump of Veg Tanned :-) This forum has proved invaluable, and trememndous fun reading all the posts! Untitled.bmp
  11. Hi Johanna, could I have access too, please? Many thanks!
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