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  1. Thanks for the reply JLS. Would you recommend the vacuum pack method to form it at that point or something else.
  2. How do you get a molded gun holster like this done. I kinda of understand the wet molding process but how do you make sure sure you only effect the tooling as little as possible. Do you only wet the inside of finished holster and then vacuum pack.
  3. 3248tm

    Heart picture frame

    Had time to make a picture frame.
  4. Thank you Mr. Ashmen. I have looked at a lot of your beautiful leather work. You work inspires me very much.
  5. This is a right hand cross draw holster. My first go around with adding a concho.
  6. Had time to make a few coasters and try something new.
  7. I will add some more pictures later today.
  8. Not sure what went wrong with lace work here. It starts out very strait then starts to angle a lot. Never had this issue before. I'm guessing it's the curve of the coaster that's causing my problem.
  9. I'm looking to install a screw on concho on the loop of a gun holster. How do I make sure the Chicago screw does not scar the holster.
  10. How do I move this to the gun holster thread section. Thanks for all the comments.
  11. The finished one is ok but I did not like the color. I used eco flo and masters quick shine to resist with. The next one is eco flo antique gel and it looks way better.
  12. I need to brush up on putting a good finish on a holster. Any other info would be great.
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