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  1. Thanks for the reply JLS. Would you recommend the vacuum pack method to form it at that point or something else.
  2. How do you get a molded gun holster like this done. I kinda of understand the wet molding process but how do you make sure sure you only effect the tooling as little as possible. Do you only wet the inside of finished holster and then vacuum pack.
  3. 3248tm

    Heart picture frame

    Had time to make a picture frame.
  4. Thank you Mr. Ashmen. I have looked at a lot of your beautiful leather work. You work inspires me very much.
  5. This is a right hand cross draw holster. My first go around with adding a concho.
  6. Had time to make a few coasters and try something new.
  7. I will add some more pictures later today.
  8. Not sure what went wrong with lace work here. It starts out very strait then starts to angle a lot. Never had this issue before. I'm guessing it's the curve of the coaster that's causing my problem.
  9. I'm looking to install a screw on concho on the loop of a gun holster. How do I make sure the Chicago screw does not scar the holster.
  10. How do I move this to the gun holster thread section. Thanks for all the comments.
  11. The finished one is ok but I did not like the color. I used eco flo and masters quick shine to resist with. The next one is eco flo antique gel and it looks way better.
  12. I need to brush up on putting a good finish on a holster. Any other info would be great.
  13. What type and size of lace are you using. That holster looks great.
  14. Still at it and learning as I go. Top one is a 4.5 inch coaster. It has pigskin on bottom side amd it worked out great. the dye and clear coat was a wreck to say the least. Still have some spacing issues I want to work on and then get my bead lines looking better and some other stuff The two holsters are my cut out pattern and i keep making small changes to the pattern every time but I think that it is getting very close to what I want on this type of holster. They are similar to a cowboy fast draw type pattern. I learn a few things every time I make one so hopefully the next one looks even better. The edges on the fold over holster were not finished up in this photo . Any comments would be great.
  15. I'm not sure that I want to try and use a over stich wheel again. Had some issues with the over stich putting down a good visible mark on a project the other day. It's probably my fault because I got things out of order to get the best results possible using a over stich wheel. Looking at getting a diamonid shape stitching iron. I'm working on gun holsters and want to know how many stiches per an inch you would recommend
  16. I know what your saying. I was going to to lace that side of the holster and for some reason I thought this way would look good with the lace. I have learned so much from this project add that to what I have learned on this site and some you tube stuff. I can't wait to use what I have picked up on to start the next project. Thanks for the reply.
  17. Looks great. I really like the lace work on this holster. I'm surprised we don't see more of the lace work but I know it adds time and money to a project.
  18. My first leather project is pretty much done. I'm pretty well satisfied with my first project and sure learned a lot of how not to. That was a make shift pattern, I used 12 oz leather on a very small stitching pony, and my over stich wheel was no help at all. Some live and learn going on. I'm ready to start on some holsters for the vaqaroes next.
  19. Thanks for sharing the projects and tips can't wait to see some more.
  20. This is my first real leather project out side of repairing some horse tack or something on a saddle. I'm going to use some kind of top coat and then put on a mahogany antique stain and buff it off. I'm still looking to see what I need to do to accomplish this. From what I have learned a top coat finish needs to be applied to the inside as well. I'm planning on using a leather lace up the side of the holster. I'm still looking to see what I will need for that as well. I'm also thinking that I might need to use rivet at the top and maybe bottom of the side. I have a few item's on my border that I wish I could do over but to late now. Any advice would be great on some ideals to finish this project would be great.
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