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  1. Thanks! Yes I usually do but it’s what the customer wanted. The Latigo is soft anyway and he lives in the cold so coats always really.
  2. Singer 111w155 restore and some bag making. This is my first post. Long time lurker! So much good info on this forum! For my project I just got this old rust bucket unlocked by using gojo and plenty of oil. This took hours. I tried using a paint stripper but that didn’t work and resorted to these wire brushes that hooked up to my screw gun. I wore a mask for sure! I was going to paint it but I like the raw metal look and sealed it with Flow Penetrol. I’m going to see how it holds up. I think this was sitting in the barn for years because it had some hay inside where you look in the top plate. Will share more leather work. The bag was custom dyed with lots of experimentation and weighing colors to get the exact mix. Thanks for looking!
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