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  1. Late message and made a mistake 110w/125 with feed wheel for leather work.
  2. I have a Kingsley manual foil stamping machine and a Singer 110w/125 flatbed sewing machine
  3. Evening, my friend messaged you earlier on my behalf and was asking about trades. What are you considering for trades, what are you looking to acquire? Matthew
  4. Are you still interested in the class 14 splitter?
  5. Evening Sir,

    I’m interested in speaking to you regarding an old post you commented on about radius belts.

    Would you be willing to help me?


    Thank you and God Bless,

    Matthew Wilson

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    2. MBWilson8541


      I have made a few leather belts in the past, nothing impressive.

      I used veg tan skirting leather for the past projects.

      I have heard people talk about “radius” or “curved” belts and I’m interested in how they are making them.

      On your post you talk about starting off creating a 6” tall curve buy using a ruler.

      From your post is seems as if the entire belt curves from end to end, is this correct?

      Is the belt similar to a buscadero where the belt curves down at the small of the back?

    3. Dwight


      Hi, Matt, . . . 

      Probably close to 30 years ago, . . . I got to watch a set of videos on cowboy gun belts, . . . John Bianchi made the videos.

      His pattern was a full arc of leather, . . . not curved at the small of the back, . . . but a symmetrical arc.  

      If you drew a straight line from the tips of the belt, . . . measuring the arc at the center . . . like it was Robin Hood's bow, . . . it would be 6 inches tall.  That is how I make all my belts, . . . have never had a complaint from any customers.

      If I remember correctly, . . . John was the one who perfected the buscadero style belt, . . . and the curve was a big part of it.  It allows the top part to be a bit tighter than the bottom, . . . making it fit on the hips and not slide down like a flat belt would do.

      May God bless,


    4. MBWilson8541


      That makes sense, I saw the illustration you posted back in 2010.

      Just to clarify.....the buscadero looks like back of the belt dips down at the lower back.

      When I curve this belt the arc travels up at the lower back to counter the sag and for better fit on the hips, is this correct?


      I understand what you described with the Robin Hood Bow. Just making sure the bow arcs like a bridge and you wear the belt accordingly with the belt arcing upwards.


      Thanks again 

  6. I received a general shipping quote for a 2.000 lb machine to Tx, it can cost anywhere from $380-$1500. Let me know if you want to discuss it any further.
  7. I have it listed for 3200 with the 3 phase converter
  8. If you’d like video of it running send me your email address Thank you
  9. It won’t let me attach the pics and video. I even tried to do it one at a time. it says they are too big Anyways, feel free to text me.
  10. Hey, sorry about that. You are correct. I cut and paste from my Craigslist ad and totally forgot it said pics and video. Give me a second and let me figure out how to download them you can also text me and I can send you some pics and video Matthew Wilson 805 3687078
  11. I am listing my HCM-B USM Hytronic Cutting Machine Model-B and Phase-A-Matic rotary type phase converter (Runs 220V three phase equipment on 220 V single phase power.The USM Hytronic Cutting Machine-Model B is a motor driven hydraulically powered, floor model machine which may be either electronically or manually controlled by an alternate stroke control mechanism. This machine is used for forcing a cutting die through sheet materials such as leather, fabric, paper, plastic and various kinds of conductive and nonconductive flat material. This machine is cycled by depressing a thumb-operated trip switch, located in the handle, with one hand and simultaneously depressing a trip button, located on the side of the beam, with the other hand. Overall dimensions:Length- 36 1/4" base 57 1/4" including swing beamDepth- 40"Height- 58" to 62 1/2"Gross weight of machine- 1968 lbsMotor:Horsepower- 1 1/2Speed- 1200 rpmThe original owner owned a small leather business run from their residence and needed the phase converter. The unit was properly maintained and kept indoors. I acquired this unit in December of 2018. I have provided detailed photos of the exterior and interior of the machine as well as a video of it functioning properly.
  12. I purchased some cobra skins from AmTan and wanted to experiment with a simple card holder wallet. I have made numerous card holders already and wanted to try to add snake skin. I have never used it and didn’t known if there were some basics to using these skins. I am considering backing it with a firm veg tan, using my pricking irons, hand stitching and edge painting . Am I supposed to treat the scales, apply a coating or anything? I have done some reading up on other posts and this is what I have found so far, just not sure if it’s correct: * Treat the scales with polyurethane * Cut from the backside of the skin * No way to treat the scales to keep them completely flat Thank you in advance for helping me with some pointers
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