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  1. Like NEW less than 2 hours of use, REALLY! (this is why my wife hates it when I get bonus checks, I make spur of the moment purchases)! $1950.00 (COVID FREE!!) I will deliver within 50 miles of 92691 Zip Code, otherwise, we can negotiate it! I bought this when we were planning on moving, as the first piece of my new workshop, but our situation has changed and we are not moving, I can only use this when I clear room out of our den to make space for it, then need to pack it back away! It's a shame because it is awesome and works perfectly, can sew anything I can run through it, and more! For the time being, I will just hand stitch my small sites, and leave the large items to others. Cowboy industrial sewing machines (by Toledo Industrial) are built as tough as tanks and are capable of sewing thick leather, cloth, webbing, bioplastic, and other materials, with heavy thread. Capacity: The Cowboy CB3200 Leather Stitcher or Leather Sewing Machine, pictured here, is capable of sewing up to 1/2" of saddle leather, with up to #346 bonded nylon or polyester thread. Mechanism: It has a cylinder arm of 10.5 inches in length; ideal for sewing belts, collars, tack, holsters, book covers, all sorts of cases, chaps, chinks, guitar straps, and saddlebags. The feed is performed by a compound, triple feed walking foot, which ensures that all layers will move together. The presser feet, known as Harness Feet, are made of stainless steel. My unit also has the optional flat table to give the cylinder arm a flatbed application for sewing of larger or longer items. The CB3200 uses the same bobbins, feet, and needles as other Cowboy machines. The primary difference from those models is the removable U shaped table to convert the Cylinder Arm to a Flat Table Machine. The sewing stand/table size is 22" wide x 48" long and the top is 33" off floor. The sewing surface height is 37" from the floor. Included: My CB3200 purchase comes complete with a motor and table and narrow double toe harness presser feet. Also included are four bobbins and one pack of needles. Model: CB3200 Arm Length: 10.5" Arm Diameter: 3 9/16" Maximum Foot Lift: 5/8"" Max Sewn Thickness: 1/2" Thread Sizes: #69 - #346 Bobbins: 7/8" x 1" large capacity Max Speed: 800 rpm Max Stitch Length: 2 per inch Reverses into same holes High torque servo motor, with front panel speed control knob Ball bearing 3:1 speed reducer U shaped cut-out table, on casters Adjustable Pedestal stand upgrade $100.00 Removable flatbed conversion table attachment: $95 Magnetic mount, LED flex lamp My Actual Machine
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