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  1. Reducing asking price to $900 or best offer
  2. Here is a bigger pic of the stitcher
  3. Cleaning out my dad's estate and came across this stitcher. Bicycle pedal with metal seat. Unit was in a hardware store that can be traced back to 1890's. Section of building has all sorts of horse leather straps, horse collars, etc. My family would like to get $1,500 or best/better offer. Unit is in Wisconsin, USA. About 2.5 hours from Chicago. The top end of the stitcher is stamped 1931. Not shown in pics, is also an old wooden table that had parts that look like they were also used either with this machine or part of the leather repair area. Let me know if you have questions or would like additional information.
  4. Thanks Northmount. Still learning
  5. It is located in Wisconsin. Not too far from Milwaukee. We found the metal seat for it today. Any ideas on where to draw the most attention for serious buyers?
  6. I am a rookie so please bear with me. I am starting to go through my dad's old business to sell his estate. He purchased an old hardware store business 40 years ago. The hardware store itself is maybe 100 years old. In one of the storage sheds way in the back I came across what looks to be a type of sewing machine. When I asked my mom, she recalls the realtor telling her it was used on horse collars and other horse "gear". I won't be able to get better pictures until April as that is when we start cleaning out the 28x50ft shed. I had to walk on top of boxes, old machinery, etc. just to get back to this. There is other horse related gear in another storage shed so this is plausible. The unit is on a stand with the Champion shoe markings. Not shown in the picture is the unit is powered by what looks like a bicycle type peddles. My family is looking to sell this but would like to know as much history as possible before doing so. Can someone point me in the right direction? Including what to look for/identify to somehow estimate a decent selling price and to who? Let me know if you need additional pics.
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