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  1. To be totally handmade they would have had to have killed the deer by hand ie: throttled it.
  2. Carnivore

    scrap works

    I love the rustic look.
  3. Very nice, I especially like the stippled background around the deer stamp.
  4. I made this notebook folder using veg-tan 4-5 oz, Tandy eco-flo water stain ( bordeaux), applied with an airbrush. The design on the front is a Triquetra symbol.
  5. Very nice work. I especially like your clever design for the closure strap, it looks a lot cleaner than using a snap or Sam Brown button.
  6. Thanks. Just regular beveling but a little heavier than I wanted.
  7. I Used a scrap piece of 9oz veg-tan to make this wall hanger for my Grandson's gaming room. Template used was a Tandy Craft-Aid. This was my first attempt at using acrylic paints on leather.
  8. Thanks, no stiffener used. The 9 oz works fine. I should have mentioned that the the spline is two pieces of 2-3oz glued back to back which makes it the equivalent of 4-6 oz.
  9. Just finished this Steno-Padfolio. Outer shell 9oz veg-tan, spline, inner shell and components 2-3 oz veg-tan. Dyed with Eco-Flo Bordeaux. Hand stitched with Tandy, waxed nylon thread.
  10. Carnivore

    The Willow hoop

    Very nice work! The only thing I would have done differently would be to have used some type of rawhide colored sinew material for the lacing. It's only my opinion but I think the white strip takes away from your excellent art work.
  11. I like using Eco-Flo. Most colors turn out well and set pretty well. I do put a coat of Resoline finish on for insurance.
  12. Just finished this sheath for a Benchmade folder. I used 5-6 oz veg tan and dyed it with Eco-flo medium brown dye from Tandy. Stitched with 6mm Tiger Thread.
  13. Edged burnished up nicely just using diluted dye and wooden burnisher.
  14. Tri-Fold wallet I just completed. I used a template from "Make Supply". The leather is Tandy croc embossed veg-tan 4-5oz. Stained with Eco-Flo stain in Forest green. Stitched with 6mm Tiger thread.
  15. A notebook folder I just completed. I used 3-4oz Veg tan with a natural finish.
  16. Very nice! I really like your idea of using the offset pen rings as a closure device when a pen is installed.
  17. I would think you should be very careful using a 12 ton press to emboss leather. Instead of embossing it could act like a clicker press and cut right through.
  18. Just think what a nice bag you could make out of a pair of discarded " Lederhosen">
  19. I find the (Tandy) double-backed tape excellent to use for mounting zippers prior to stitching, I have tried various adhesives but found they tend to be messy ( for zippers anyways).
  20. Very unique idea and excellent craftsmanship. Your reel to reel bag is a big step up from wallets..I especially like the contrasting leather colors.
  21. That's a good question Hardrada, I asked myself that, because on other pouches I have made I used more of a quadrilateral pattern with a few stitches along the bottom for the belt loop stitches. I will not be carrying much weight in it so I am hoping it will suffice as is. As far as your mismatched stitch hole question goes it depends how out of line it is. If just a slight mismatch I would use an awl to force a match and hope is is not too noticeable. I am learning that that no one is perfect and part of the process is being able to recover from glitches and oversights without having to sacrifice the entire project. Maybe some of the experts on here will chime in provide a better answer.
  22. Thank you for the kind words Nigel, coming from a master like yourself they mean a lot to a struggling, eager to learn amateur. Daryle
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