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    Hello All

    Hey all, I'm Graeme from not-so-sunny Scotland just south of Edinburgh. I started leatherworking a few years back as I needed to make protective covers for my greenwood working tools i.e. axe masks, knife sheaths, billhook covers, etc. Then my old belt gave up the ghost so I set about making a new one and learned a lot along the way. I've just started back leatherworking after a hiatus of several years due to illness and a marriage break-up and am really enjoying it. Made a few belts for myself and a few others which were very well received and a few dog collars and leads (are they called leashes in America and some other countries?). Got a batch of vinegaroon brewing and a made some saddler's grease all thanks to to this very helpful and knowledgeable forum. I figure if the answer ain't on here then there ain't no answer! Anyhoo, I ain't great with technology and am shocking at taking photographs so you'll need to bear with me in that department. I'll pop up from time to time with questions and try and help others whenever I can but I'm pretty sure there are others with way more knowledge and experience than little old me. Lastly, I'd just like to say what an amazing forum this is and thanks very much for having me. Kindest regards to all, Graeme Red Kite Crafts
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