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  1. It also depends on the leathers you're marking, veg tan or chrome. I know it would need testing to get a feel for it, but I've seen some will heat it over an alcohol lamp or such before pressing it into chrome tan leather. Veg tan, can case the leather first to make it more easily impressionable.
  2. baroness


    Check out the work of Lisa Sorrell, she has a lot of info on her blog and videos on Youtube as well as published a book on leather inlay and overlay. She has also been an advertiser on this site for her shop.
  3. Armitage has a nice set of patterns. With youtube videos showing step by step and info on how to change the sizes & proportion. https://www.armitageleather.com/product-page/pouch-designs-and-template-pack
  4. Yea, our dog managed to get a couple baby bunnies out of a nest. I only had a collar on him and he managed to back out of it because he was so determined. Having a handle on the harness makes it so much easier to control them without worrying they're going to hurt themselves. He'll bark a raspy bark pulling against the collar - he doesn't care. I haven't had a cat for him to chase yet, whew. His harness has a D ring on the chest to attach to the strap. Consider how it attaches to the seat belt when you decide what length you do. I really like Dieselpunk's patterns. They are really well proportioned and constructed. When I'm done with some landscaping I want to use his backpack pattern to make one for my sweetie.
  5. Lisa Sorrell uses kangaroo a lot for the cowboy boots she makes. She is also a sponsor of this website so you should check out her store where she sells kangaroo leather. https://sorrellnotionsandfindings.com/product-category/leather/
  6. I don't have pictures. It is basically a really short leash, and could be used as one if you want to keep them close. Maybe 18"/45cm overall. Used part of a leather belt blank to make it. A friend got a harness hook-up that goes in the seatbelt thing but it got bent right away and doesn't plug in very well any more. The harness we have for our 50lb/23kg cattle dog has what works as a carry handle on the back for when he sees a bicycle rider and we need more control.
  7. I meant the fancy one looks printed as part of the book. I was thinking that is what they meant talking about the artistic one. The variation doesn't look a lot different between the two. Mine varies more than that, I think.
  8. I'm guessing the artistic signature is printed as part of the text so he didn't have to do that by hand on all of them.
  9. I also have a harness to secure our dog. It also keeps him from getting in the front seat and distracting me while I drive. I made what looks like a short leash so I can feed the seat belt through the hand loop and clip the trigger clasp to a d-ring on his harness. It works really well. He can turn around in the back seat but can't get up front and would be restrained in case of a sudden stop. I leave the seat belt buckled through the short leash so I just have to clip to his harness when he gets in the car. She sits so nice in the seat. Good girl.
  10. Check out a fabric store and see if the sew in interfacing would work for you. You could use multiple layers to get the stiffness what you need. If you want to attach it you could use a spray adhesive. Prices are quite reasonable.
  11. The book by Lisa Sorrell The Art of Leather Inlay and Overlay is very good. The part about skiving is worth the cost of the book itself in what you'll save in skiving mistakes. https://sorrellnotionsandfindings.com/product/art-of-leather-inlay-and-overlay/ She is a sponsor on this site so you've probably seen the banner ad. Lisa also has a lot of videos so you can get a good idea about the info in the book and a basic guideline on working with inlay. I really recommend doing a couple practice pieces. Good luck.
  12. Check out Lee Valley, they have some very good sharpening and honing guides. They ship to Canada and the US, not sure about other countries. http://www.leevalley.com/us/Wood/page.aspx?p=43078&cat=1,43072
  13. Sometimes you just have to set your project aside when you're annoyed or distracted. 'Sucking it up' and trying to get it done sometimes doesn't work out well.
  14. Levins, do you have a fabric store near you? They should have a pattern that would work for you. Getting the armhole shapes right can be a pain.
  15. For the problem of one card not registering even though it is the correct side of the wallet being tapped, does it change it you turn the card over in the wallet? Instead of having them all go the same way, have that one facing the other way? Could it be 'backwards'. Not sure if the signal could be ricocheting/reflecting off the foil and causing problems with the reader. On't know enough about the signal the reader send out.
  16. for the flesh side I've been applying Carnauba Creme with a slightly damp sponge then burnishing with a flat burnisher. Helps the flesh side lay down and feel smoother.
  17. My Mom worked for a USDA research lab for years. She actually had to buy them now and again after companies stopped giving them away. The people in the labs actually needed them. They had to carry marking pens, thermometers, small rulers, etc. Our machinists & assemblers that work on hydraulic assembling carry rulers and other parts also. It could be for the novelty of it, a nerd symbol. Or they use them for other things - not to keep them in their pockets.
  18. Ask Terry if he would make a shorter one. He has several designs that developed from requests, besides that he got into leatherwork tool making because of a request.
  19. I've ordered from Fire Mountain a few times and they've always done well. You know what you're getting and they ship quickly https://www.firemountaingems.com/
  20. I've bought some stuff from leathercraft pattern and got what I ordered, but didn't buy a hardware kit. Try a site that does purse hardware. Sallie Tomato in the US, a company I can't remember in the UK, etc.
  21. Several people have spoken highly of https://goldstartool.com , for those who are in the US. There is a thread that if you call them they will do a leatherworker's bundle that has the parts you would need most.
  22. Doing a quick search it is possible to transfer toner (something printed on a laser printer) to leather. Dharma trading has some materials for transferring inkjet prints to fabric. Hmm, run a piece of leather through the laser printer on a manual bypass path...... But there are also some large, intricate rubber stamps. Trying to get a clean image on any of these techniques would be a challenge.
  23. Do you still have the rest of them? I would be interested in the batch. What is the price for the batch and how much do think the shipping would be?
  24. Depending on what you're making and how, you might not need to fuse it on. You might be able to sandwich it between. Or use multiple layers. They also have something called bag stiffener.
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