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  1. Yup, ive checked every government auction site there is, they all only sell military vehicles only. Oh well, my search continues!
  2. Small city in western illinois called Quincy.
  3. So, I know quite a few of us leatherworkers are ex military or know connections to people who were in or still are. I'm currently serving in the U.S. Army and have resolved with my brother that we are going to open a milsurp store in our local city. We have already surveyed about 10 thousand people and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback, largely from paintballers, airsofters, hunters, and people who just love plain old war history. We are starting to run into supply chain issues, as a lot of our previously suppliers whom we thought were stable are no longer fully reliable. Just figured I would reach out and try to network a bit and see who knows what! I've heard from multiple different people that there are a few warehouses in america and europe that just stockpile metric tons of milsurp, and that these are the guys you want to try and get into contact with since they are the only people genuinely capable of supplying a reliable stream of milsurp goods. Any help is appreciated, and I am still interested in buying individual pieces from people who are willing to let go of them.
  4. Just picked up a 7/8oz double shoulder on sale for 44 dollars. I dont think ive ever seen a double shoulder that cheap before. It was just the standard run of the mill tandy leather, but at $3.40 a square foot i couldnt turn it down.
  5. Rubber cement the piece to some cardboard and tool away. Once finished tooling, peel the leather off the cardboard and rub the residue off with your finger
  6. If anyone is in the Sacramento area, there is currently a manager special going on at tandy leather. Bellies are only 14 dollars. Best I've seen for getting single bellies. Be warned, I managed to snag most of the really good ones
  7. Just checked tandy, and it seems that with my military appreciation, the cost of bellies is only 22.50 I guess this 21 dollar deal I found would be a good alternative to anyone who is in need of some economy hides. At hobby lobby, they sell bellies for 35 bucks. All you have to do is whip out your phone, go to their website, and theres a 40 percent off any item in the store. Use it on the hide and watch that sucker drop. You can exploit it too by just leaving the store, waiting about 10 minutes, and then rinse and repeat at another register. I've never been desperate enough to abuse a coupon like that, but it could be useful for someone on a budget with their leatherwork.
  8. Yeah, they are, I just checked. Unfortunately the minimum order is 5. Good deal if I have 60 bucks to spend on that much leather at one time, probably wouldnt have to buy more for a while. Thanks for pointing them out
  9. I suppose that extra 2 dollars would be my fee for the gas to go drive to the store and buy it immediately. I dont mess with goathide much except for the time I made a wallet backing out of it. So 21 dollars is good for a whole hide?
  10. Quick question for anyone who would want to put their 2 cents in. I did some shopping around and I managed to come across these prices. For a full 6-7oz tooling belly, or a full 4-5oz tooling goatskin, the cost is 21 dollars. Would you consider this a deal or not? I know springfield sells tooling leather for an average of 4-5 dollars per square foot, and tandy just tends to be expensive.
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