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  1. inkd308

    New to leather working

    Hello my name is Chris. I am very new to this .to the point I'm not sure what I need to order to get myself started. My first project is going to be a tank bib for my bike. The one thing I want to add to it is bullet ends. I'm not sure what size or type of rivet to use to attach them. I would like some suggestions as to what tooling I should get to start out. I am always open to other ideas on how i should approach this project. Thank you
  2. inkd308

    Tattooed leather

    From someone who is a out 75% covered in ink I would love to get something like that done for my Harley
  3. inkd308

    Tank Bib/Pannel

    Does anyone have a pattern to a 07 softail where it goes up around fuel caps and down to the seat