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  1. Kj86

    Another custom breastplate finished

    Sorry for the disappointment guys! Glad someone knew what I was on about
  2. Kj86

    Saddle #7

    I really like that design of saddle!!! I have some very short backed horses and struggle to find westerns to fit without hitting the hip. lovely work!!! I would be keen to buy the skirt pattern if you would like to sell a copy!
  3. this one was fun! Had to try and colour match it too just off pictures I think it turned out pretty good
  4. Kj86

    Western tack sets

    So bummed I can’t upload any pics
  5. A couple of custom tack sets I have just completed feathers are all hand tooled and paint with contrasting blue crystals the tan set I went for a 2 tone rustic look. With turquoise lettering and set off with turquoise and clear crystals, this set was made for my sponsored rider.
  6. I would be agreeing that this a older saddle it seems to have the old heavy wood and steel tree and from doing a strain test is still in excellent condition no squeaks or creeks! The stuff in the channels is still very smooth so now sure if it has been restuffed in recent years. compared to a few other saddles sitting in my shed this one does appear to be more superior even though it’s in poor condition will just have a play around and see how I go with it
  7. Hey folks I was given a saddle to restore and keep/flip. It only has the makers plates “France” “premiere” I am not up to date with English saddles so I am at a loss. it needs the sweat flaps replaced as they were cut off, a re-dye and good condition i just want to know if it’s worth putting any money into it just chuck it down the tip? I would like to atleast try and break even if I sell it with materials and time put into it.
  8. The lastest 2 nosebands I made for a customer she was over the moon with them
  9. My 2 latest Bronc nosebands I have just completed
  10. Kj86

    My first Bronc noseband

    I hope she does !!! I fully agree nothing like a nice gift that's handmade with love
  11. Kj86

    My first Bronc noseband

    Thank you... yep I just make a nice nose band and sometime some matching cheek pieces and then just attach them to a store bought halter with either conchos or rivets. i guess you possibly could make a whole new leather halter to go with it. I have thought about doing that but it just seemed to time consuming at the point in time this is a mini pony one I just finished for my daughters bday I am not just waiting for a rainbow halter to arrive to attach it to that
  12. Kj86

    PDF martingale breast collar

    If it's ok with Ron it would be fantastic if you are able to try and do that
  13. Ah no I haven't never thought about that will have a look into it no harm in trying Thank you will have a look