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  1. Hi Bert thanks I think I have found what I need to find now, well most of it be good if Bunnings actually had any stock in at the moment. yes the Pilbara is lovely, I am actually planning a road trip up that way very soon to catch up with some family, I can’t wait!!!
  2. Hi Josh Thanks for your input. I am building a barrel saddle from scratch and rebuilding a pleasure/reining saddle too. your suggestions for screws is a huge help!! The other day when I was at the hardware I was comparing prices of screw and tacks/nails there opposed to leather/saddle supply shops and wow talk about a huge price difference for basically the same thing. i already get my contact adhesive from the hardware again a big price difference. Our farm supply stores here don’t seem to stock much other than irrigation supplies, I asked the other week if they had any s/s d rings and they looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language. thanks again for your input
  3. I am in Western Australia all we have is leather direct and that is still 200km drive
  4. In Australia the main store is Bunnings I just need more pliers and hammers (cost a kidney to post)
  5. Hi everyone needing a bit of expert advise are any of the screws and nails found at the local hardware shops suitable for saddle making? A the main leather shops are on the other side of the country and with this virus post is taking up to a month to arrive. I have a budget kids saddle to build and was wondering if I could just pop down to the hardware store for most my needs. while I am there are there any pliers or other tools to help me out that any one could recommend? thanks
  6. Hi folks does anyone know where I might be able to find a good quality Portuguese or paso fino style tree. Would need to get it shipped to Australia Hawkesbury river saddles used to carry them but no longer do. I have a project in mind for my SCA and mounted archery costume. Wanting to make my own saddle as they are hard to find here in Australia and ones I have bought off line have been absolutely crap even the $2500 ones any help would be fantastic thanks
  7. Hi just seen your post. Did you end up making your stock bridle?? I personally have not used Sedgwick leather yet. I usually just use Italian veg tan, I dye it oil a few times and just heat it up and would in a fair amount of Joseph lyddy dubbin. I have been extremely happy with the way this turns out as have my customers. I find the dubbin give a nice glow to the leather but doesn’t give it that horrible glossy look, it also helps to water proof it too i have tried to attach a pic of a few I made but my files are too big.
  8. Your welcome hope it helped. The width from outside to outside will vary depending how how wide you make the ear piece. I generally make them the same width as the crown of my bridle especially for the working ones, 5/8”-3/4”.
  9. Hi here is a quick draft of the one I use on my sliding ear bridle. its really basic can be tweaked to change it up hope this helps
  10. Sorry for the disappointment guys! Glad someone knew what I was on about
  11. I really like that design of saddle!!! I have some very short backed horses and struggle to find westerns to fit without hitting the hip. lovely work!!! I would be keen to buy the skirt pattern if you would like to sell a copy!
  12. this one was fun! Had to try and colour match it too just off pictures I think it turned out pretty good
  13. So bummed I can’t upload any pics
  14. A couple of custom tack sets I have just completed feathers are all hand tooled and paint with contrasting blue crystals the tan set I went for a 2 tone rustic look. With turquoise lettering and set off with turquoise and clear crystals, this set was made for my sponsored rider.
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