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  1. DreamFactory Stitching Pony semi auto clamping
  2. The Elfita pony maker is my friend. (korean) My pony is a structural difference. My Pony's strength is in the fold. (Portable) I'm glad to hear that you are inspired by Elfita pony. I wish you good work. Lee Ho Myoung
  3. My English is not good. I want to clear up the misunderstanding. I look forward to your kind cooperation.
  4. First of all, I sincerely appologize if I hurt your feeling. I thought you are trying to copy my invention. Sorry about misunderstanding. Please keep up the good work. Sincerely, Lee Homyoung
  5. It's a product that's developed with wisdom to live on. It's a good idea to try, but don't sell it. And it's being made out of walnut. Please protect my intellectual property. dream factory lee ho myoung
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