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  1. Looking at your video I am wondering why you have your thread path through all the holes in the pin guide. I think you have threaded the thread pin guide incorrectly. You threaded from your spool of thread through the bottom hole in the thread pin guide up through all the holes too the top then onto the main top thread tensioner. I think the thread pin guide on your machine is the same or similar to the one used in a double needle machine, two threads with one thread pin guide. I think the way you have threaded the thread pin guide has added way to much top tension to your thread causing the thread to fray and break at the thread lever just past the main thread tensioner. I would try threading from your thread spool to the top hole in the thread pin guide and then through one more hole before going to the main thread tensioner. kgg
  2. kgg

    Bad Bottom Stitching with Juki

    According to the Toledo Sewing Chart ( ) you should be using a size 22 / 140 needle for V138 thread. This may affect the look of the bottom thread and have you adjusted the bobbin thread tension? Uwe posted awhile back to a good link for the Juki LU-1508N user manual if you don't have a copy (Juki LU-1508N Instruction Manual.pdf) look at page 31. A picture showing your thread path from the top thread spool too the tip of the needle would also be helpful, just in case something else can be spotted. kgg
  3. kgg


    The market for these right now in Canada is depressed and nowhere near the prices that may be gotten in the US. Since you are a fellow Canadian a good place to start would be do a search on by province for a Singer 29k. In Ontario the price is all over the place from asking $450 CA to $1200 CA ($343 US to $917 US). There is one listed in Manitoba asking $450 CA. I have even seen a couple of the Chinese clone patchers similar to the Techsew 2900 go for around the $500 CA mark over the last six months or so in Ontario. kgg
  4. Having a good dealer of decent machines close to your location is the way to go should you need repairs / support. Let us know what machine you decide on. kgg
  5. As far as warranties they are all over the place for sewing machines in general, domestic or industrial. They generally are ranging from set time warranties, lifetime warranties to limited lifetime warranties and everything in between, you will have to do a bit of research. When you narrow it down to your top couple of picks request detailed warranty information and compare them against one and another. Some things to compare / check: Return policy particularly if you have to have it shipped Return shipping costs Restocking charges Repair labour costs What is not covered under the warranty. kgg
  6. I figure it must be a Zen thing. Since I'm wound a bit too tight at the best of times I would utterly not be coordinated enough to enjoy the full on hand cranking experience. I can see that I would have to sound proof the sewing room from the steady stream of curse words being versed together in a manner longer then the bobbin thread. kgg
  7. kgg

    Sewing Machine Choices

    Have you decided what you will be making mostly if that happens to be best sewn on a flatbed buy the Juki 1541S if it happens to be a cylinder bed machine machine then go that direction. Depending on your budget another expensive alternative would be also a Juki cylinder machine maybe the LS 1341 or a LS 341. Whatever type of new machine you purchase first you can always buy a good used machine later on for those times you need the other style. There is no one machine that is going to do everything, every machine has it's pro and cons. I am not a fond lover of clones and would purchase a good used Singer, Juki or Alder over a clone any day but each to their own. kgg
  8. kgg

    Sewing Machine Choices

    All three machines are compound feed machines, great feeding choice. The Techsew 1660 is a Chinese clone costs approximately $1800. The Juki 1541S is made in Japan costs $1800. The Consew 206RB-5 I think is a Chinese clone costs approximately $1400. If dollars are the major factor then I would probably go with the Consew. If you want the best in this class of upholstery sewing machine then go with the Juki. The quality is there right out of the box from fit to finish. A very detailed operating and service manual also comes with the machine which can be very helpful down the road. Since this is a nice layout of cash if possible go see and compare all three machines before purchasing. A lot will also depend on the dealer that you buy from (machine setup, warranty, support, etc.). I do own a Juki 1541S it is accurate (forward or reverse) and it will sew whatever I can force, stuff under the presser foot. Buy Once, Cry Once.
  9. You can set it up using a treadle but like Solarleathermachines said you are going to loss torque and it is going to be a frustrating to say the least. The main reservation I would have is whether or not the treadle frame will take the weight and any side to side movement of the machine. Treadled machines are great for what they were intended for, sewing lighter weight items when and where electricity isn't readily available. kgg
  10. kgg

    Bulk order of 1100 luggage tags

    With the information provided by fredk and miksc I think you should be extremely wary of the request. kgg
  11. kgg

    Just ordered a hand crank CB3200!

    Hopefully her birthday is near the delivery date. Put a pretty ribbon (her favourite colour) on it and say look what I got you for your birthday. Also build a dog house you are probably going to need it. kgg
  12. kgg

    Bulk order of 1100 luggage tags

    I would ask for a 25 percent upfront down payment and they would get 275 tags in a mutually agreed time frame. If they agree and come through with that then get the equipment (sewing machine, thread, tag material, press, dies, edger, etc.). kgg
  13. kgg

    Thread Size for Shoe Soles?

    Ah maybe in the future the pillowcase method may come in handy. For me doing the pillowcase method on some things I was able to stop having to redo stuff as my guys were destroying the V138 seam thread, teeth like razor blades, and drop down to V69. They still destroy the exterior edge thread which is mainly for looks but it doesn't fall apart. kgg
  14. What is the mark that you have decided on? From that point I am sure someone can point you in the right direction and suggest the best machine option. Another option that hasn't been suggested and may suit your needs for straps, wallets and bags depending on the thickness of the material maybe a portable walking foot machine. I would recommend you check out the Reliable Barracuda which are available at Home Depot for about $500 with 3 yr warranty (, Sailrite LSZ for about $900, Techsew 611 for about $500. Place any of them in a table, add a servo motor and you would have a similar and I think a better a better machine then the Tandy pro stitch costing about $1500. Even though these are not true industrial sewing machines it maybe an option to get your feet wet so to speak. kgg
  15. You may have to go to a larger city like Houston to find a industrial sewing machine dealer. Do a search for industrial sewing machine dealer by city and you should be able to narrow it down. You may have to do a little road trip, I travelled four hours each way to get the right machine at the right price from a dealer that I felt was competent / professional. Could have gotten the same new machine about a hour away but didn't feel confident about the dealer and the difference in price was considerable, well worth the drive. kgg