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  1. kgg

    Machine for lightweight leather

    Depends on how many layers and how thick. I think a walking foot machine would probably be the best in being able to keep the layers together and from slipping around. You maybe able to even get away with a portable walking foot for the occasional use. Something like the Reliable Barracuda on the low end of new ($500 at Home Depot) or Sailrite LS-1at the expensive new end ($1300 from Sailrite) and then there is always the used market. If you would like a industrial machine I think you would need to consider something similar to the Juki 1181N. kgg
  2. If it works as the ad says and Maxsold in Canada is pretty good about that, it could be a decent buy for someone. The high bid on it this morning was $26.00, hell that's not even a mornings worth of smokes. Yea, I use to smoke for 50 plus years, most of the time 4 packs a day. Just decided to give it up one day two years ago and save a couple of bucks not for health reasons. kgg
  3. Sorry about that the link should be: Nakajima: kgg
  4. If someone is interested and in the Los Angeles, California area I seen on that their are a couple of sewing machines being auctioned. They are listed as a Consew model 100 and a Nakajima model 280L (walking foot). I just noticed as I was browsing around and should go real cheap. I have no association whatsoever with either the seller or the auction site. The links are: Consew: Nakajima: kgg
  5. kgg

    BWC Area

    A lot of potential customers have what I call the Walmart mentality they not only want it now but cheap.They assume you have a warehouse full of isles and shelves of similar items at different price points just ripe for the picking NOW. My email reply would be "Gone fishing, have a nice day." kgg
  6. I think you are going to need at least two machines to do the range of work you mentioned. Maybe a Juki DNU-1541S or similar for the upholstery weight items and a Cobra class 4 type machine for sheath / holster work. Sewing Gold have a good set of videos on youtube that maybe of interest. Machines that do good work on the lighter weight stuff won't be able to handle the heavy and the ones that have the punching power to handle the heavy stuff would probably tearup the light stuff without always having to fiddle around with it's setup. kgg
  7. Been quite awhile dikman since I had a young child running around, one was enough and no grand kids thanks be to gxx. Next time I am at the hardware store I will check to see what other alternatives are around. kgg
  8. Free trade is not the same as fair trade. When a country has a lower wage to create a product/service then the designation country the exporting company from that country has an unfair advantage. With China I would suspect the average wage is probably about 1/4 or less of that paid in the US or Canada for any particular industry. Free trade I think could be even worst if it was strictly up to the free market to sort out. There still needs to be checks and balances in place to offset standard of living discrepancies to put everyone on a level playing field. Look at what happened in the textile / garment industry for all tense and purposes it was destroyed in North America. kgg
  9. kgg

    advice on sewing machine needles

    OK, what are you using 1mm thread for. That is like Tex 600. I think that would be more for hand stitching items. The machine you mention I think is only rated for Tex 135 (V138) or Tex 210 (V210). kgg
  10. It is going to be very interesting to see what happens as people/manufacturers become whelped off the less expensive materials/products from China that for a lot of items have a short serviceable life span. Everything from a simple screw to highly technical equipment. What ever happened to washers that lasted 15 years not 5 years? With the tariffs increasing I would guess some company's will move their manufacturing to the US or other countries not effected / less effected by the tariffs while some other products/materials will just be sourced from other non/lesser tariffed countries. Personally I like to source materials/products made in my own province where possible, then the rest of Canada, then the US and then I move on from there. Example I needed a 100 running yards of 5' wide Sherpa in a particular weight, density and with a particular stiffness to the back. No manufacturers left in Canada, cost way to prohibitive in the US with only two manufacturers left and the Chinese material was of much lesser quality then what I would consider. I considered the Chinese material as a one of use then throw it away type product. My supplier tracked down a South American supplier that meet what I wanted at a reasonable price, costing less then the US product and much more then the Chinese. Sometimes purchasing products made in Canada can be frustrating as sometimes they are cheaper to buy in the US. Example is a gas tank for my friends Toyota 4x4 with the replacement tank made in Quebec. It was cheaper to purchase the Quebec made tank in upper New York State, tagged as made in Quebec, even with paying the higher rate of exchange, duty and transporting it back to Canada. Go figure. kgg
  11. Thanks dikman the discs were actually purchase at Homedepot. They are normally used for being screwed to the bottoms of chair legs but they were 1" (25mm) outside diameter which is the inside diameter of the plastic shafts of the 8 oz and 1 lb spools that I have. The spools do slide snugly over them and they grip / hold nicely but a real bearing with a rubber ring, which I couldn't find, would be much better. Maybe the next time I get a chance I will look in a hobby shop for a wheel and tire from a toy like a hot wheels might work better.
  12. Don't forget a good straight edges. I have three that I use a lot, one is a salvage piece flat Aluminium about 64" long x 4" flat for clamping to the worktable for long cuts / markings, another is a 48" T-square (normally used for marking drywall) and the one I use a lot is a 36"x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Aluminium angle iron for marking/cutting. kgg
  13. kgg

    Techsew Woes

    Battleax I think is onto something. Not only will the mechanic be able to help get it running correctly but to give the machine a good go over to determine if there are any other issues. kgg
  14. Thanks Gymnast, originally it was to try and figure out how to solve a problem. Me being me was it something I was or wasn't doing, was it the machine, was it the needle, thread or the thread path. Then it just seemed to take on a life of it's own. I think that a lot of the tension of thread on the spool has to do with mostly the manufacturing process everything from dying / drying to putting it actually on the spools which can varying slightly from one run to the next as well from one manufacturer to the next. Some can be overcome by changing the tension on the thread at the horizontal thread guide ( located between the vertical thread pin and the main tension disc ). Changing the number and direction the thread is threaded through the 4 holes in the horizontal thread guide and the 2 holes in the vertical guide pin. I will have to at some point fiddle with this just to see if there is any noticeable difference. I did a quick look at the newer Singer 44xx series and yes they do take the thread from the end of the horizontally mounted small spool. To me they are using the oversized end cap to secure the spool in place while guiding and lifting the thread slightly above the body of the spool as it comes off the spool. This series also has a vertical pin that can be used for mounting thread for the bobbin winder and suspect could also be used for the needle thread. I just don't know if with thread that is either bonded or non bonded below V69 on such small spools has much twisting or spring back to worry about and maybe of no concern for the domestic user. kgg
  15. kgg

    Techsew Woes

    If possible it would be helpful if you could post a couple of pictures of the part that fell off and your thread path or a link to a video. That way someone my be able to give you some ideas as to what is going on with your new machine. kgg