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  1. kgg

    Needle positioner acting up

    Have you contacted the dealer / supplier? They maybe able to offer some suggestions. If you got it from Amazon you maybe able to return it, if from Ebay you maybe out of luck. kgg
  2. kgg

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Since it is just trying to warn the foolish / stupid so I think it should have had a couple of more tags on it. Big red arrow on the blade with the words "Maybe Sharp." "Operator must be trained in the proper use of a deadly weapon and stored in a locked weapon safe at all times." "Keep body parts away from sharp end, not recommended for picking ones nose or a** scratching." kgg
  3. The needles according to the Sailrite site for the Fabricator comes with System 135 X 17 needles up to size #24 which would be for v207. Those needles are made for material (cloth / canvas), for leather and vinyl you need to use System 135 X 16 and for a thread size of V92 you could use a # 18 on the low end or a #20 on the upper end. I would use the #20 needles with V92, as it would provide a slightly larger hole for the thread to slip through. kgg
  4. kgg

    getting tired of hand stitching...

    From your bio you mention your speciality is holsters for that I think you are going to need something in the class of a Juki 441 machine probably like the Cobra class 3 or 4 class, Cowboy 3200 or 4500. Since you are in Alberta you may want to checkout Leightons Mach line ( ) in Red Deer or Longeview Leather ( ) Cobra dealer in Longview. See what they recommend and have used capable of sewing your stuff. Another alternative maybe a hand lever machine similar to the Tippmann Boss or the Cowboy Outlaw. Which ever way you decide to go it is not going to be cheap. kgg
  5. kgg

    Reliable brand machines

    Have you checked out the following video, it my offer so help in setting the servo motor even through it is for a Juki 8700. kgg
  6. kgg

    Including Care Cards

    I agree that general instructions when dealing with dog owners generally is to give basic instructions. Like the dogs and forget about being to specific. Hell, we see it all the time that an owner buys a collar, puts it on the dog and forgets about it. The only time it is removed and hopefully cleaned is when the dog gets groomed. I have even had to cut collars off, particularly the metal choke chains. Drives me nuts. Just getting them to remove the collar everyday is a step in the right direction of keeping the dog healthy and the collar maintained. Personally I like the Martingale style collars leather or nylon because it is always worn slackish around the neck until you need it too slightly tighten. kgg
  7. kgg

    Organizing thread

    Do as Constabulary suggested, check for a label. The thread spool should usually be marked with a label on the inside of the bottom of the spool. With newer sewing thread it should be marked as V ##, T## or Tkt ## plus the manufacturer and type as well as other info. I have seen some of the less expense Chinese bonded nylon with just the Tkt size on the label. The difference between V69 and V92 is same, only .0018" or .0045mm difference which can make it hard to distinguish at times so sorting them out is a good idea. kgg
  8. The forum started to work correctly for me sometime yesterday. Thanks again, kgg
  9. Nice informative pdf. I would suggest adding a couple of things: 1. Before purchasing any firearm ask yourself is this the right calibre, barrel length and what you would like to do with it (target shooting, hunting, protection, etc.). 2. Have the owner pass the revolver to you with the cylinder open so you can determine it is unloaded and safe before handling it. See if the gun fits comfortably and is balanced in your hand. 3. Since appearance is important in helping to determine how the gun was cared for check visually that there are no major flaws like deep scratches or dents with the finish, modified sights, stripped screws, frame cracked, buckled/split/bent/bulged barrel, cracked / modified grips or any major modifications attempted. Does the finish look different on the barrel, cylinder versus the frame indicating parts replaced. 3. When checking the barrel look for excessive wear to the internal rifling of the barrel. The sharper looking the edges are the less wear on that barrel. 4. If the gun checks out arrange to go to a range and test fire to make sure it suits your needs / comfort level. Maybe a nice well cared for XX calibre but can you properly handle / control it or is going to sit you on your butt every time you squeeze that trigger. My thoughts, kgg
  10. I pity you Johanna, there is also hiccups when software or hardware is upgraded or changed. Some things don't like to play nice with other things. Best of luck, kgg
  11. That is great news, I'm sure Johanna will straighten it out shortly. Thanks for the update. kgg
  12. So I not any crazier today then I was yesterday. That means it is happening in Canada and Britain. kgg
  13. Not sure if I have this in the right place. Has any had the problem of not being properly redirected to the Forum page? I am being sent to the index page even through the location is suppose to be ( have had to go through the index page and then click on Forums. It started to happen last night for me about 10pm. kgg
  14. kgg

    Toyota Super Jeans J34?

    I think you maybe better off with a steel bodied portable walking foot to multiple layers. Reliable Barracuda (~$500 US at Homedepot), Sailrite LS series(~$900 US), Techsew 611(~$500 US) come to mind. kgg
  15. kgg

    Used Wimsew 0618-1 sewing machine (UK)

    Harry just buy it and tuck it amongst the rest, she'll never even notice. kgg