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  1. Oh wow that really is stunning work!
  2. Looks great man! I really like the lining too. I am in the middle of making a backpack with the same kind of cord closure and I didn't think of using the rinser meatal pieces for holes that you have. I have bought some kinda expensive screw-ins but I like how yours has turned out!
  3. Hi all, I am making a backpack for someone and I would like to make the straps padded with leather. I am just starting to reseatrch it now, I have some lovwly quality sewfoam that I am yet to experiment with but if anyone has any helpful or tips for this I would be very grateful. Many thanks, Gavin.
  4. GavinO

    New Duffle

    That's great you got into the craft so deeply. I studied fashion design at university and have a background in buying, but the last few years with the bags and leatherwork is the first time I have gotten really serious about mkaing things myself. I would love to know what your local sources and tips are!
  5. GavinO

    New Duffle

    Thank you! Yeah I source most of my leather from funriture upholstery. It tends to be a bit on the floppy side so it only lends itself to certain more casual styles. For smarter styles I need to back it with something or quilt or manipulate it somehow but I can only really do it to a point. I would love to look into the businesses you mentioned for research, if you don't mind naming names!
  6. GavinO

    New Duffle

    Ah yes, I need to update my profile. I was in the UK but I am actually in Montréal now, moved here in Feb 2020, got a month of normal before the world changed!
  7. GavinO

    New Duffle

    Hallo, thanks for the feedback. All the linings and leathers are excess materials sourced from furniture production. So the selection might look a little random but I have tried to pair them to be interesting. I have a background in men's formalwear and found there that men often like some crazy linings while keeping the outher of the garment more plain/simple. Re: the blue- this was actually a sofa in its previous life, that's where the seam comes from so I just tried to line it up to look clean - there is a matching one on the other side of the bag. Most of my leathers are excess from production but I do have a fair amount that have already been used, if I like the leather/colour I will use it. Some people specifically like having the old details as it tells more of a story, others prefer a clean make that looks like new, so I am going to try a bit of both and see how they do in the market. When I made these as one-offs it took me about 12 hours. I have another two to finish in this run (another purple and another red) then I am going to see if I have really managed to save time through making several at once or not (I certainly hope so, and I quite enjoyed batching little parts of the production). Pricing wise I am landing on about $400 canadian, but I still have photography/packaging and delivery logistics to work out properly so that may change. Thanks re: the straps, I sourced them from China and they are woven from 98% recycled post consumer polyester, I designed the puppytooth print. The whole process was a learning curve and took what felt like forever, but I am super happy with them now (I have another three colours in that design to use for other projects)
  8. GavinO

    New Duffle

    and this is the internal of the red I finished last week
  9. GavinO

    New Duffle

    I got my sewing machine fixed, and managed to get through the set of colours I wanted to finish Purple blue
  10. Good idea! I have moved to Canada from Europe, my other machine is a domestic Bernina 1130 from the 80s (I use for linings/other projects or very light leather work)- it is hard to get people who are willing to repair it when needed. Would be good to be a bit more self sufficient Macremb- thanks so much for this info, super detailed and useful!
  11. Thank you Michiel, your advice is well appreciated. I was kind of getting to this conclusion but opening up machines just makes me nervous. It is fixed for now and the repairman was very re-assuring so hopefully it is sorted for a while
  12. Hi all, I have had my Adler for about 4 years with absolutely no problems. However, I think I pushed it past its limit of thickness it can sew a couple of weeks ago and it threw the timing off. The repair main fixed it but it happened twice thereafter and he has now given up. I made the layers I was sewing much slimmer and managed a good few days of sewing but it just went again. This time though, it was during an operation it absolutely could do before the problems started- reasonably thick layers and zipper, perhaps the needle hit the metal of the zip and that threw it out. I have another repair guy coming tomorrow, I am worried the damage I have done has now made the machine more delicate than it was. I will talk to the repair guy about it but I wondered if anyone had any experiene with this, or tips. It is getting expensive to have repeat repair man visits, so is there a way for me to get a more permanent fix? Or is it a relatively easy thing for me to fix if it happens again so I can just manage it myself as and when it happens? I am fairly uncomfortable getting into the mechanics of my machines because I don't feel like I know enough, but if it is a matter of a slight re-arranngement and tightening then maybe it is time for me to learn.
  13. GavinO

    New Duffle

    Hi all, I posted the last duffle I made last summer. Since then I have finished french school, got a new logo and I finally managed to design and source the straps I wanted with a supplier. Making this shape in 4 other colours to launch on etsy/my own website as soon as I can. Any critiques or feedback welcome.
  14. I finally got my logo and stamp sorted! I ended up going with leatherstampmaker.com in the end and they were great. Very clear and easy service and I am super happy with the end result. They were also a fraction of the price that Tandy were trying to charge. I will use them again and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a stamp.
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