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  1. Looking for some suggestion on how to cover snaps, rivets, etc. that would be exposed against the gun. I'm working on my 1st thumb break for an OWB (I've mostly been doing IWB for true concealment). Against the body I was going to double the leather at the snap point w/an insert to stiffen. But on the "strap" piece coming over the gun, how do you cover that snap to keep from riding against the gun? I thought about sewing in a liner but I figured that could wear through over time. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Very nice all the way around (design, molding, etc.). Surely this isn't your 1st leatherworking?!?
  3. I've ordered from Cops Plus. Fast & friendly w/a price match. It's the uncommon guns I'm having a hard time with.
  4. Here is the start of my next holster: IWB w/reinforced mouth for Glock compact Leather: 7/8 oz Wickett & Craig Dye: Angelus black 507 Working on a reinforced mouth to see how it works to keep from colapsing and aid in 1 hand reholstering. Also going to dye before I mold it. Thinking about even trying the dip method. I'm questioning if I should have dipped the pieces before I put them together??? Still got a little more stitching to do...Sure wish I had a sewing machine!!!
  5. I have some natural colored thread that is pre-waxed. If I stitch everything and then dye, will the thread take the dye and match the leather? For this application I'm using black Angelus dye. I dipped a little thread in the dye and it didn't seem to dye very well. Not sure if after stitching some wax would wear off and then dye better. If not, I guess I'll need to continue using black thread.
  6. Here are some color samples I got from Angelus. Not the best quality pics but the best I can do until we get a nice sunny day here. Colors are produced from just a quick dip. All are w/o a finish coat. Cordovan (deep rich color - could easily end up close to black w/multiple coats) Light Brown Honey Jet Black (probably the darkest/deepest black) 507 Black Pro Black The Honey was my biggest surprise. I did not expect it to be so dark. Maybe if applied w/a dauber I could get it lighter???
  7. I never got your list to place a order a while back. Do have the list for availability?
  8. I forgot all about them. Do they still have the quality issues I've read about in the past.
  9. I've checked all the sources I know of and can't find dummy guns for Bersa or SKKY (SCCY). Any suggestions on where to look?
  10. Is there a better regular line 24 snap than a Tandy brand?
  11. Who is using directional snaps (like these pull the dot - http://www.dotfastenersdirect.com/catalog.html) for their holsters? Any recommended places to get directional snaps? Anybody sell them that come as a package w/cap, socket & stud? Does it require a special tool other than the normal anvil set up for line 24 snaps? As always...Thanks!
  12. I agree that it presented some challenges for a newbie, but now has bad as I first thought. Still room for improvement though, but when won't there be?!? Thanks for the advice! At first I was concerned that having the butt loop closer would interfer with draw but found with the right pattern and cant it should not affect it. The butt loop will be moved closer on future designs.
  13. Thought I'd post a finished picture. I've learned some more and will make some changes for the next one.
  14. Do you think it matters if you dip dye before or after wet molding when using Angelus dyes?
  15. Your theory makes sense. Can you ever apply too much dye/too many coats? I considered the drum dyed leather when I ordered but I don't produce enough volume to buy leather for various colors. I my try dipping the dye next time.
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