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  1. I would use a size 19 or 20 needle if you are using tex 90 thread. there may be a issue in how you threaded the top thread. you can upload a picture and im sure someone will be able to let you know if it is threaded correctly.
  2. aroh99

    Fortuna Skiving Machine Restoration

    The skiving bell is not stuck. After you remove the screws inside the bell knife you need some of the tools listed below to remove it the bell knife . These are the accessories that come with the machine when you buy it. I was able to screen shot the parts you will need. You can find the manual and parts book here. Best of luck.
  3. aroh99

    techsew 3850

    Sold please move to Old/Sold.
  4. you didn't mention what thread sizes you use. Most standard flat bed machines will take up to 138 thread max. There are a few exceptions the Juki LU-1508H and the cobra class 4 which are rated to sew up to 207 thread. there maybe more but these are the 2 im aware of. if you sew with thicker thread you would need a bigger machine.
  5. aroh99

    techsew 3850

    still for sale.
  6. Hello i have a friend selling this pfaff sewing machine. It look similar to a pfaff 145 to me but i noticed it has a built in bobbin winder. It also looks like a pfaff 1245. Any idea of which model it is?
  7. aroh99

    Defective Consew

    the sewing machine will always be hard to turn and especially as the needle goes down. You can add the belt and have it fully assembled. Once it is fully assembled while having the machine off you can step on the pedal and turn the pulley and it should be easier to turn. If it turns easier there is nothing wrong with you machine. remember to have the machine OFF.
  8. aroh99

    Juki 1541 or Cowboy 3200

    Like @Wizcrafts mentioned the Juki LU-1508NH will sew 207 both top and bottom. There is also the cobra class 20 that is rated to take 207 top and bottom. I Have the LU-1508N which is the previous model of the LU-1508NH and I love it but it can handle 138. whenever I need to sew 207 or 277 I sew on a cobra class 4. The cobra class 20 might be a good option if you need a flat bed sewing machine that will accept 207 thread
  9. This machine is a Pfaff 145 H3 it is on the plate in the front. It is a great machine. You maybe able to find some info on this machine under the search. I know @uwe has info on the submodels of these machines. These machines are build to last.
  10. aroh99

    Consew DCS-S2 skiving machine skiver

    Sold please remove posting
  11. aroh99

    Cutting dies

    All have been sold and in route to new home.
  12. aroh99

    techsew 3850

    Any takers at $1350 ? Need to get rid of my storage unit. It is costing me more to store the machine in storage.
  13. aroh99

    Cobra NP-4 skiving machine

    Any takers at $900 ? This machine is now $1400 new plus shipping from leather machine company with the new tariff. Machine has been used a handful of times.
  14. aroh99

    Schmetz needle difference

    Hello Big Sioux Saddlery the 7x3 is actually the really sharp pointy needle. the 794S is more rounded. they both seem to work fine, I just wanted to know which needle I should be using since I am sewing through 16 oz of thick leather. I not to familiar with needles. I have read other topics and have some what of an understand of the needle system. These are the only 2 different needles leather machine company offers for my cobra class 4. Is there a specific needle I should be using to make my belts?
  15. Can anyone tell me the difference between these needles? I bought them both at the leather machine company. I make 16 oz belts and use 207 thread. One of the needles is really sharp and pointy and the other one is rounded. Not sure which i should be using for my belts. Any advice?