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  1. Hi! I am newish to braiding leather dog leads, and am looking for leather lace colors other than the typical bronze, pewter, silver and gold that come as stock colors. So question is...how do I go about getting metallic colors (purples, blues, reds, greens, etc) is there a method that is better holding up to wear and tear? The handle would be the biggest wear. Would I use dye? Paint? Do you have a certain brand that is recommended? I braid 4 strand, witha core, if it matters. Laces are 3mm kangaroo leather from packer leather.
  2. I will upload a photo in the morning, but I'm using a 4 strand braiding a core. The backbraiding I have down really well, but it's the ending of it. Is I just cut and left alone? Glued somewhere? What is the most common way to end it?
  3. I make show dog leads, for large and giant breed dogs. I am New to this and looking for the best way to back braid the handle. I do use a nylon core. Is there a tutorial? Do you use glue to keep the strands from pulling through? I currently back braid about 1.5 inches to the end of the handle
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