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  1. I live outside of Chicago, my budget is around $2500 thanks again!
  2. Thank you all for the advice I have a consew 227r cylinder that only knows two speeds Mach and Off! I will change the clutch motor later, that said it can't do what I need! I think I will work on other projects (or lots of overtime) and get a newer machine. I was set on a German or Japanese machine but that seems out of the picture for now. I also have a Juki 1541s, I needed the post bed to reinforce my outside seams (I sew them on the Juki mainly by feel of the seam which is very difficult bc the weight of the leather and usually it is in the blind. Are there any machines you would recommend for my needs! Thank again for the expert advice!
  3. Hi I'm new to this forum but have been hobby sewing for years! I have been making leather tote and handbags using different weights of leather but I realize I need a post bed sewing machine probably a walking foot. Any suggestions I have a limited budget and after research I am not thrilled that everything is made in China even the high end names if I buy used will there be a parts issue, any help is greatly appreciated!
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