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  1. Thank you very much for the kind words. I hope that soon I will be able to return to my favorite hobby. Immediately after the victory of Ukraine.
  2. These companies sponsor the murders of Ukrainian children and women. Avoid their products and services, please.
  3. Thanks for your support and your prayers!
  4. Hello! I apologize for the delay in answering - I haven't been here very often lately. This particular model that I have is called Magnifier Binokulare MG81001-H. I bought it in Ukraine, but a Google search says that you can buy it here, par example https://www.amazon.co.uk/Magnifier-Binokulare-MG81001-H-Led-Backlit-Display/dp/B082WDS4KL
  5. https://www.leathercraftlibrary.com/ is back online!!!
  6. Many thanks, Tom! I was very worried, doing this work - whether I can achieve similarities. It seems to work out. At least Sonya liked the result Thank you very much!
  7. Definitely, the main source of the problem is beveler. Having become interested in working with leather 2.5 years ago, I bought such a Chinese set of stamps “one and a half ten for 10 dollars”. This Z-B197 of terrible look was definitely in it. My disappointment knew no bounds - I could not get even a miserable semblance of result. It is good that this first disappointment did not put an end to attempts. How happy I was when I bought a few inexpensive (3-5 dollars apiece), but normal stamps, I managed to get a normal bevel. Do not let disappointment from bad tools, which in principle can not fulfill their function, stop you. Good luck!
  8. @rktaylor Many thanks! @YinTx Thank you very much!
  9. @klutes Thank you! @battlemunky Many thanks @Scoutmom103 Thank you! @Ferg Sir, I am incredibly flattered and proud by your comment. Thank you so much for such attention to my work.
  10. From the album: Portrait. Leather carving & embossing.

    Work complete. Carving with plugs. Coloring - acrylic paints and spirit dyes.
  11. Work complete. Carving with plugs. Coloring - acrylic paints and spirit dyes. And a few photos of the creation process.
  12. @YinTx Thanks But you are very unfair to yourself. Looking at some of your work, I sometimes envy (in a good sense)
  13. I dare to suggest that you are using a not very quality tools (stamps). This is especially true for beveler. Judging by the imprints, it has a very large radius of the edge, so you can’t "put down" the leather along the cut line maked with a swivel knife. UPD. It’s not about looking at very high-quality (and expensive) tools right away. There are quite worthy stamps at a price of 5-7 dollars. Simply, if you use what is sold in the form of a set of “20 stamps for $ 10,” it’s very difficult for a beginner to understand whether he is doing something wrong, or the existing tool, in principle, cannot perform its functions.
  14. Many thanks, Mike! Thank you ! Thanks! I hope one day I can make such a video. But so far the attempts have not been successful For this there must be talent (or hard work). Plus, I can not accompany the video with voice explanations due to the extremely weak spoken English @Scoutmom103 Thank you very much! @Northmount Many thanks, Tom!
  15. Many thanks, @battlemunky! I'm glad you like it
  16. Great and beatiful work! And carving, and color, and stitching are pleasing to the eye.
  17. Smartphone case. Carving and embossing with leather plugs. Size of carving area 6" x 3 ". Spirit dyes and acrylic paints. Last photo - dyeing in progress.
  18. Congratulations, Ryan! Beautiful work. It looks great. Unfortunately, I am not a specialist in horses and saddles, but I am sure that your saddle will last a long time and will please its owner!
  19. @ryankim3612 Thank you very much for such a comment on my work! When other people like what I do - it is really inspiring.
  20. @Snakeoil Rob, thank you so much for such appreciating my work! With thanks, Andrey
  21. In general, everything matches my first test from November 14, 2018. The only thing that was noticed was that after the jar was opened after some time, EcoSAR MW 116 NG became not white, but grayish. However, the remaining properties have not changed (it not stink, high strength of glue seam, elastic). There were no complaints about finished products either. So I can recommend
  22. @Lynxlady Thank you! I'll ever try to do this. But definitely without voice comments - the level of my spoken English is extremely low. @Ed in Tx Thank you!
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