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  1. "D" or "O" ring. Got plenty of those. Thanks.
  2. Great helpful responses...... Even though the topic has been discussed "at nauseum".
  3. I did that with the cardboard. Not 1 mark. But a very slow process.
  4. Will do Rockyaussie. Will let you know what happens
  5. I dont think so. Kinda fumbled though it. Keeping the belt next to the guide, keeping the needle out of the cardboard and keeping the cardboard under the foot is challenging. But..... I will keep doing it on my 12/13 oz english bridle until I figure out something better. But like I said, not one mark. Thanks for the tip So true
  6. Thanks Wiz, will try that on a piece of scrap I did. Finished up my three belts using the cardboard method. No marks but was a very S-L-O-W process.
  7. Thank you for your comments. Soccerdad, I'm going to try the cardboard since I have a few belts I need to get done today. Rockyaussie, I'm going to look into a wider foot also. I do realize that eliminating the marks is probably impossible. I'm ok with that. The marks are a lot deeper with with the Weaver English Bridle Leather than they are w/ Hermann Oak. Weaver's is noticeably softer.
  8. I'm sure every single topic has been discussed ad nauseam in this forum. Thanks for your reply.
  9. I've searched the forum and couldn't find much other than just live with the marks or handstitch. Both are not options for me. I'm sewing 12/13 oz english bridle leather from Weaver for belts. Great stuff. But the presser foot marks are killing me. I've been sewing wallets too. 4-5 oz veg tan. Some places are 4 layers thick, and I have marks. I have the presser foot adjustment out as much as it will go. I haven't found much to help. I did run across something for the cowboy 4500. They were having the same problem. Someone suggest they cut the spring down a bit to relieve some pressure from the spring. That has me thinking. It makes sense right? What are your thoughts?
  10. Floyd, holes do line up. Had needle point in leather. Put in reverse. Hand cranked back one complete stitch. Thread is caught around barrel. Tried uploading pics. Tried.
  11. Thanks Floyd, I'll experiment with letting the needle up a little more (when I get time) and let you know.
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