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  1. GMHLeather

    Weaver auction

    I am thinking about going. Never been to that event before but they're about an hour's drive south of me. I've had my eye on their manual strap cutter for about a year now and if they have a deal on it I might be able to shell out for it. I'm wholesale with them and they had a deal in the last few weeks of last year for 10% off wholesale but I did not have the cash at that time.
  2. GMHLeather

    How I now straighten leather for strap cutting

    I've been trying so hard to figure this out and I had an idea like this but was not inspired to try it. You gave me the inspiration. Thank you.
  3. GMHLeather

    How did you get into leather work?

    I love this post! I just started a tack and western shop with my wife and daughter and I am in the very beginning stage of leather craft to make basic strap goods - latigos, billets, spur straps, key chain fobs, and so on - nothing heavy. Weaver is about 50 minutes south of me so I've been going there to pick up some materials and trying to figure out sewing, stamping and so on. It is hard as I have arthritis in nearly all of my body and my hands require me to take a break every 10 minutes to relax my pain-ridden hands but I am hoping this will strengthen my hands and it will get easier. I love this craft and what it entails, but it is a challenge. But I am a firm believer that everyone needs a passion and right now this is mine - I just have to make something that I think is worthy to offer to the public. This is yet to happen but I am early into this and I have a lot of hope and determination. this is a very inspiring site and I am on it nearly every day just looking and reading. Wonderful. Cheers, Mike