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  1. mdmorgan

    Used Tippmann Boss

    Here are some pictures.
  2. mdmorgan

    Used Tippmann Boss

    I would let you have it for $950 shipped. Ups shipping will be well over $100. looks like usps shipping to you would be about $140
  3. mdmorgan

    Used Tippmann Boss

    I have a used Tippmann Boss I would like to sell. It works fine but is used and I am the second owner so it is being sold "as is" I have two pressor feet, the edge guide, and three spools of thread that will go with it. $900 shipped to anywhere in the US I will try to get some pictures up in the next day or two.
  4. That's ..ah .. well... PINK. Well done.... I think ? All kidding aside, they look nice!
  5. You're right, I only got into Kydex because the market demand is so high. There is nothing like leather.
  6. Hot pink? Sounds to me like you should think about some Kydex. (I know, dirty word.)
  7. You're right. I would normally do that too, guess I just had a brain fart that day. Oh well, I have one I did for myself in stingray that I made the same way just because stitching stingray is such a pain in the but. It has held up fine. This wasn't for a customer, it's for my wife so if it comes apart I guess she can just make me fix it! Darn women. Thanks!
  8. What type of glue are you using to bond the shark to the cow hide? Try barge cement also try cleaning it with alcohol before you glue it. When well bonded no amount of tight stitching should pull it from the edge. As for burnishing, I haven't used any shark, but with other exotics something that has worked for me was burnishing, then sanding with fine sand paper like 400 grit or something then repeat until you have an edge you are happy with. Looks good by the way, that caiman taser holster is SICK! What weight would you say the caiman skin is?
  9. Not ALL hybrid holsters. I make them like this. I don't like hardware
  10. It is 7 oz Herman Oak. I use barge cement. I glued it, stitched it, cased it, and filled it full of lead. In that order
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