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  1. This is impressive for a few reasons. First is your attention to spacing. Second is the consistency on the amount of pressure you applied. Did you use a creaser or stylus or something else? It's a great result and gives you something that grabs attention and looks quite luxurious. Well done!
  2. Lots of good advice here from someone who has been tooling leather for decades. Jim Linnell. One of the secrets is to walk the beveller just a little bit at a time. Jim says he overlaps about 4/5 of the tool each time he taps it. So, lots of little taps and lots of tiny moves of the tool. Good luck.
  3. If you look at this from your Dad's perspective for a minute.... His daughter brought him a personalized, hand-made gift that looks good and functions well. I'll bet he is pretty happy about it, and any imperfections are eigher ignored or appreciated. I have never made anything that was perfect, and I've decided I never will (and it's OK). Overall, I'll bet he loves it. Cheers.
  4. BDub77

    Horse Buggy Completed

    Well that is just beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing your results. Congratulations on the finished product. If you ever put together a bigger (online) photo album of a more detailed process on this rebuild, I would be very grateful if you post that link here as well. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks very much. It looks great, and I did notice the anti-scrote cable. Well done, Dad. Thank you!
  6. Thank you, Fredk. Yes, I hope it's a lifetime thing for each of them. Cheers, and good luck on your bag!
  7. Thank you! D-rings are great for straps because they easily find level or vertical by themselves. Maybe it's a North America thing.... saddles, cowboys, halters, etc. I looked to see if you posted your daughter's bag, but couldn't find it. Did you post it? I'd like to have a look. And Yes, I think we could all go for fewer scrotes on mopeds.
  8. Thanks very much for the kind words. I believe they are pretty happy, but I think #3 is the best work - I think we all get better at this over time. Hope the owner of bag #1 doesn't ask for an upgrade, LOL.
  9. Over the last couple of years, I’ve made a laptop bag/briefcase for each of my 3 sons, with the third and last one being completed this past week. I used most of a side of SB Foot Tanning Co 7-8 oz chrome tan. It’s a bigger bag (18 X 13 X 5) with several large pockets. Build album here. I pulled the straps from 10 oz veg tan. Used Angelus black dye and, after running out, switched to Fiebing’s Pro dye. Won’t be switching back, just as an aside. Luckily the finished dye colors look the same. Used Ritza 1mm black thread and the bag is entirely hand sewn. Fiebing’s Pro Resist and Aussie Leather Conditioner for finishes. Antique brass hardware from Emmaline Bags – except the 1.5” buckle – I antiqued that myself using salt and vinegar (not great, but it took the glow off). I got a little too cute with the design, especially the pockets. I thought it would be super cool if the newspaper pocket on the back and the laptop pocket inside had the same dimensions and could be sewn onto the back panel at the same time. Note to self: don’t do that again. Ever. It ended up being very frustrating and awkward. Maybe if I had a ceiling-mounted stitching pony… Decided to put Chicago screws in the pocket corners, and the overall look with the contrasting rust and black colors is pretty much what I had in mind. Always wanted to try gusset pockets on a bag, so that was fun. And tongue locks are a lot easier than I thought. Critique if you wish; I’ll gladly take the help/tips/input. But I think I’m done with big bags now. Each of the three has taken between 50 and 70 hours (yes, I sure am slow, haha) and I would only do that kind of work for a loved one.
  10. I've been enjoying this website for a while now, but I made an account today just so I could say "Nice job!". I really like this bag. Well done.
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