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  1. Using this bag as an example https://buffalojackson.com/collections/dry-goods/products/jefferson-leather-duffle they mention it’s a soft veg tan leather. Anyone recommend a side purchase?
  2. I’m attempting a duffle bag and wanted opinions on stiff vs a softer pull up leather. What I have now is a few sides of 3/4, 5/6, and 8/9 bridle leather. I mocked up a design in each thickness and just wasn’t happy with the way it looked. From every picture I can find out google, it seems most duffle bags aren’t made out of soft leather? If I went soft, so I use a stiffer leather for the handles and strap? Suggestions, comments, and pictures welcome! Thanks
  3. Putting the thickness aside; am I using the wrong type of leather? Is it typical to use a a veg/bridle leather over a soft leather when making a bag?
  4. is 3/4 oz bridle not sufficient enough for a duffle bag? If I had to guess, 5 seems more ideal. I would rather use up what I have but if it’s completely wrong I’ll just go buy another side.
  5. Few beginner questions: I'm assuming the side bottom radius is the same as the gusset width VS putting a radius just on the corners? If i wanted the bag to be 5" deep, should the gussets be slightly larger in width to accommodate the natural radius from this stitching pattern? What is the easier way to stitch around that bottom radius? I was playing with some scrap leather last night it was a real challenge! Is it normal practice to trim up the edge of pieces that are stitched together or should a good pattern match up perfect?
  6. If anyone is interested in putting together a CAD or PDF pattern based on that bag, I will pay your hourly or flat rate. I want to subtract the backpack straps and add extension for a shoulder strap. I understand the sizes are going to be estimated, I just want to make sure I can house a 15" laptop. I'm sure I could figure it out with trail and error but I would love to eliminate that process. Shoot me a message and method of payment if you are interested.
  7. I want to attempt a more complex (to me) project. I'm inspired by the Bexar bag. https://www.bexargoods.com/collections/carry-bags-leather/products/leather-satchel-handmade-harness However, I don't like the backpack straps and going to eliminate that. With that being said, does that consequently change the whole radius on the bottom of the bag? Anyways, I would be grateful for any assistance or tips on pattern making! Seems like I'm struggling and over thinking this process.
  8. Ha, I'm a recovering A**hole. I was assuming if I spelled it correctly, it wouldn't of worked! They are sending me a few swatches of their skirting, bridle, and harness leather as of today. Looking forward to trying my stamp on all three.
  9. I make a small line of journal and notebook padfolios. Currently I'm using a veg. tanned and dying myself. I want to switch to W&C harness leather for 2 reasons, 1). More consistency with my colors. 2.) Eliminate the dying & finishing process and reduce the total time per project. My concern is stamping my makers mark on the harness leather? From my understanding, i may need to case the harness with warm water? I'm currently using a brass face stamp and cold stamping by hand after i case the veg. tanned. I may have to go get a press for put an lasting impression on the harness I'm assuming?
  10. Do you have a photo of a project before you made the change in your stitching? I would like to see the difference the small change made because it describe my method of stitching.
  11. Went from 3mm to 5mm on the holes for the stitching, .30 thread Vs. .350. and brought the stitch line to .130" from the edge. I like the results.
  12. Actually, I need to update pictures because the stitch line is now a .150 from the edge. I did not change the thread size.. now that you mention it, I may try a test on a scrap piece. 4-5oz .35 poly thread
  13. Hi guys -- Looking for any constructive criticism on a new item I've been trying to sell on etsy and FB. https://www.etsy.com/Mudbrook/listing/592576762/leather-a5-notebook-cover-ipad-mini?utm_source=Copy&utm_medium=ListingManager&utm_campaign=Share&utm_term=so.lmsm&share_time=1524852265426 I'm open to ideas on putting a cleaner fray free edge on the fabric. I folded the edges on a test piece, didn't look good.
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