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  1. Hello! I'm new to the forum so pardon if I'm doing this wrong. I make handbags and I'm looking to get a clicker press. Some of my patterns can be as large as 23" x 17" and I use about 2oz-8oz leather. Planning to use it for shorter straps too. The lady at CRJ Tec said a 27 ton hydraulic machine is what I'd need? This is way more than what I planned to spend and I'd really like to get a used Herman Schwabe because why add more to landfills if I can find one that's working well. My studio is in a large industrial building with a loading dock and a freight elevator but one are of the hallway was rebuilt with plywood instead of concrete....a lot of delivery places say I need a forklift to move it in as they are 3000lbs. So, 2 questions....do I need this tonnage for what I'm doing? And who has experience moving hydraulic presses can I do it with an electric palette jack? Thanks!!!!
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