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  1. Hi there, newbie question! Some sections of leather I get are really stretchy around the edges. If I give them a gentle pull they lose shape and don't go back. Am I right in thinking this stuff is a bit useless for something like wallets? What is it useful for..?! I have a good quality 3.5oz pull up double horse front but it seems really stretchy and I'm quite far in from the edge now... With some shoulders I've bought it's hardly an issue at all. Thanks for any tips
  2. jbuckingham

    Wrapping the end of thick leather cord

    Ahh I see. Thanks everyone, whipping is a term I'd never heard of but it looks like something I can try. Cheers.
  3. Hello. I'm pretty new to the leatherworking thing and learning through trial & error & digging around online. So this might be a simple one... If I want to end thick leather cord (5-6mm let's say) like the examples below, how do I do it? Can't find any kind of tutorials. Also if I use braided cord how would I attach that to a clasp? (Oh one more thing - what's the metal hardware on the dark examples called? The one that's like an open loop...) Appreciate any advice/links. Thanks all!