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  1. I'll take it and I might be able to pick it up depending on where in Colorado
  2. Akube

    So you wanna learn tooling....

    I'm with you Rhale. Don is spending his time to deliver something some of us [ at least me] can certainly use for free. If you don't like don't watch it. Thank you Don, great videos.
  3. Akube

    Uwe to the rescue!

    And another BIG THANK YOU for your video on the consew 225 hook removal that allowed me to remove and replace my severely stuck hook and bobbin holder and then retime it. Outstanding !!!!!
  4. Along with a Consew 226 I aquired a bunch of new North and Judd steel/chrome loops. Size on box one states 1 1/8 by 1/2. These loops are closed but not welded and the wire size is .125. Box 2 states 1 by 9/16 . These are welded and the wire size is .175. Also a couple boxes of 1 inch black tips, and I think a box or two of clips for the loops. I've plenty for me so any interest at .10 each plus shipping. Some day I will learn to post pics but until that time photos available by e-mail or even better text. Thanks Alan
  5. Akube

    Mercury M-337

    I recently picked up a fairly pristine Mercury M-337 for not much money. I have added a servo and actually have sewn a belt with it. I know they are lightly regarded Knock offs made by I believe a company named Morse. A couple of questions for Wiz or the rest of you. It did not come with a manuel and I have not been able to locate one on the net. Can anyone steer me in the right direction. Is there any particular machine that it is a copy of? In looking for feet they seem to be the same as a consew 205 or Juki 1181 and different from the singers. Japanese Made? It seemed to sew with 138 fine and I don't know that I will ever want more but One always wonders. Info, comments, thoughts all welcome. Thanks Alan