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  1. Hey thanks for sharing these little beauties!
  2. I follow your stuff on instagram didn't know you were on here too. Awesome work
  3. Thanks Guys, Bevan, good looking dog! I will send pics soon. Jimbob, Would love to see pics of the whole brood. Tom, Yeah I would have leaned more in your direction on this one too, but this was what the customer wanted, sort of the old world look to it.
  4. Nice clean simple look but impressive. I really like these, going to have to order up some of that hardware.
  5. Nicely done. Looks just like the first one I made for my little pitty. Do yourself a favor and get a keen edge beveler and a slicker and do up those edges. Oh and one more hint, sandpaper is your friend.
  6. Now that the stress of this one is over and done with, here is what I have been chipping away at for the last week or so. 2 layer 9-10 oz veg tan from Tandy lined with suede. Hand punched and stitched (My fingers hurt). Fiebing's spirit dyes Oxblood and Mahogany (Of which I spilled on my table which now looks like a murder scene). These are for the male and female winners for 'Best in Show' at the Gamekeepers Exhibition 2010, which is a Bullmastiff show in Chilliwack, BC, Canada this weekend. The male measures 26" and the female 23" There are loads more pics just ask Mike.
  7. Wow Tom, I followed this one on your blog, turned out better than I had imagined. Nice work!!
  8. Not only that but Ed's I think are much more reasonably priced.
  9. Try Posting this in they Howd you do that thread it gets more hits
  10. That was what I thought you were drawing on for inspiration. Very cool, I am a big fan of the tattoo inspired stuff.
  11. Hey Jannicke Just nice to see a young face on here.

  12. The Dogwood flower is also the flower of my home town and the ones I have seen have anywhere from 4 to 6 and I have even seen a few with 7 petals.
  13. Very nice work! Storm took the words right out of my mouth. What would you call this style if you could put a name to it?
  14. Rat Fink lives on!! Nice work man. Where do you get your seat pans? or do they just come to you if you know what I mean?
  15. Do you have any more pics from other angles?
  16. That's what I like to see someone on here a little closer to my age. Nice work girl! Like everyone else said for a beginner you have quite the talent. Keep it up and post your work.
  17. Nice seat. could you explain your dying technique?
  18. I find the more I oil a project before I apply any type of dye, the better the results. The dye spreads more evenly and I have less trouble with rub off.
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