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  1. I have Fenice edge paint, almost no use so almost full bottles of: -black -green -light brown -neutral Asking actual shipping +15$ for the 4 bottles, just dont want them to sit on the shelf I am in CANADA shipping to USA is ±26$cad due to weight, Canada probably around 12-18$
  2. HI UK and europe guys, anybody have a hide around? Still looking for one or more thanks
  3. I am glad you like the bag! The strap is inspired by the old fashion english girth straps. Sorry pics are not very good. No picture of the inside, i did place a separator in the middle, there is no lining.
  4. This is an old thread, i did finish this bag, with 7-8oz bridle leather, picture attached. I hand-stitch at an angle. Thickness was perfect.
  5. Hi and thanks for your replies. I may end with an heavier leather finally, i have to order "custom made" leather to get thinner weigth...so i am thinking making the bag with angled stitching (like a military cartridge box). Or Kevin, can you explain to me if you skive on all borders were stitching will be? Because i am figuring 8+8oz that make 16oz edges, thats pretty heavy. Anyone have a picture of a brifcase made with heavy bridle leather? I did not find on the forum.
  6. Hi title say all. I am wondering what weight would be great to make a unlined brifcase (laptop case, 2 compartment, with shoulder strap) ideally with bridle leather. I was thinking 6-7oz but it is very difficult to find in a finished color (i dont want a russet leather) . 7-8oz ok? Guy want it protective enough (rigid). I have found a nice brown latigo but i am not sure because of chrome edges. I will hand-stitch this bag, so thinner the better, but need to stay firm... thanks to expert
  7. hum...i have found brown at Boutin as a Latigo 6-7oz. Not sure because of chrome middle (dont edge like a full veg leather). I have taken a look at Wickett, it would be possible, at extra cost. Still wondering what to order thanks
  8. I do have a complete side of sedgwick panel hide vegetable tannage for sale. Pit tanned, London drum-dyed, hand curried with cod liver oil and tallow. usage: Panel and seat of english saddle, small leather goods. here description on Segdwick http://www.je-sedgwick.co.uk/jes/4230/mib/d/dyed+panel+seat+hide/pid/7737364 contact me for pricing i am in Canada i will ship anywere.
  9. Hi i have difficulty to find a source for a quality 6-7oz bridle leather in a dark brown color. It is for a rigid briefcase type bag, not lined. Herman oak do make a "english" leather 7-8oz but i am afraid it would be too thick? briefcase makers, advice welcome any source you know?
  10. I am not sure it is my horse who is narrow or my donkey who is extremely fat...he got it overweight and he never loose that over fat. His back is VERY large it is almost like a flat table when you compare to his little size. There is another young female donkey on my street wich look much more slimer, yes i did remember the back was not that wide.
  11. Can i say what his the tree angle from the picture? if i ever want to re-order a tree like that?
  12. There is no screw, it is a string poping out on the horse gullet picture. Finally the tree dont fit that good on the donkey, it rock. For the horse, the fit is almost perfect, just twist not good were is the stirrup leather. Could be flatter there thank you very much
  13. they repelled the magnet?! pure silver is not magnetic and it quite soft
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