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  1. GregorVolk

    Pfaff 1245 Thread jam

    Thank you, Wizcrafts. Didn't know that, it seemed like a good combo. I will try it out.
  2. GregorVolk

    Pfaff 1245 Thread jam

    Kgg, thank you for your advice. It is the CN model and takes Tex 135 thread top and bottom as well as 140 needle (and up to 180). My main thread is Tex 70 top and bottom and 140 size needle. So the problem was the machine was knocked out of time because of the thread jam and clutch engagement. I timed it again, everything works perfectly now. Thank you all for you intervention. One last question: does anybody among you have service (or/and user) manual for Pfaff 1245-706/47? Thank you all for help, Gregor
  3. GregorVolk

    Pfaff 1245 Thread jam

    Thread stand and threading path are both ok. Looks like the thread gets caught in the groove under the feed dog plate where the bobbin and the plate meet. Maybe it got knocked out of time again. I will re-time it today and hopefully sort the thread problem, sharing my conclusions with you.
  4. GregorVolk

    Pfaff 1245 Thread jam

    I'll make another video without the feed dog plate. I am using Tex 135 and 92 threads, for this video I used a 135 thread.
  5. GregorVolk

    Pfaff 1245 Thread jam

    not really, I had some issues getting it up through the feed dog as well.
  6. GregorVolk

    Pfaff 1245 Thread jam

    kgg, thank you, I made the video public Kgg, thank you, I made the video public.
  7. GregorVolk

    Pfaff 1245 Thread jam

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Pfaff 1245, cleaned it, timed it but got a jam when accidentally leaving a piece of the upper thread in the needle while winding a bobbin. The clutch kicked in when I realised I have great amount of thread under the hook. From then on I keep getting a thread jam every time I try to sew/make a stitch. I am guessing the bobbin finger position has changed, but I'm not very sure. There are several threads coming out of the feed dog when I cut the thread. Can somebody please help me out? There is a video of the situation I have: If you need any additional info please let me know. Regards, Gregor
  8. Uwe, thank you for your advice. I just ordered a Zoje 750W servo with needle positioning which is a 3-part design and comes standard with 50mm pulley. Regards, Gregor
  9. Hello, everyone! I recently bought myself a Pfaff 345 cylinder bed industrial sewing machine. I would like to swap the fast 3F clutch motor with a more controllable servo motor. I live in Europe (Slovenia) and as far as I know I can't get my hands on a Family sew or Hightex motor here. My options are 750W Jack servo motors and Zoje servo motors (although not much is written about them on the internet), maybe 550W Sailrite Workhorse or any other good quality motor brand I am not familiar with. I would appreciate any advice on which servo motor to buy. My budget is in 200-300€ range. I mostly do leather bags, purses, belts, wallets from veg-tan (not more than 6mm/0.3 in thick) and crome-tanned leather. Kind regards, Gregor