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  1. I did just purchase a laser engraver. I didn't know if it would be strong enough or how well a laser would cut through leather I would be afraid of scorching. Have you used this method?
  2. Hey y'all. I want a way to cut out my wallet panels faster and I've looked at Cricut and silhouette. I actually bought a Cricut maker and couldn't figure it out so I took it back the next day LOL and I currently have a silhouette cameo 4 but it doesn't really seem up to the task. I'm only trying to cut 1 mm thick leather. Does anyone here use some type of a machine to cut their leather out, besides a clicker and die of course LOL. Thank you for any insight.
  3. I've discovered something else I've been stitching Where the knot is within the leather is actually shifting. A couple stitches it could be perfect then the knot will suddenly move towards the back side of the leather and then it'll come back towards the top of the leather. I won't touch anything it'll just walk on its own it seems
  4. Hello. Would like something that can handle 3/8" thick leather and use #207 thread. Thank you.
  5. I very recently acquired this brand new, I've been having a few issues but I've been trying to work through oh, here's where I'm at right now. I went back to basics, started all over and reset all tensions. Running straight it looks good, the knots a little towards the back but not exposed so no big deal. Still getting the knot pull through on turns though. I'm starting to think there is something wrong somewhere, perhaps a burr (although I looked and saw nothing anywhere). It seems when I make a turn, the tension on top increases or on bottom decreases. I've rechecked to make sure my string is strung properly, I inspected for burrs, I'm at a complete loss. Unless someone has some idea that I haven't tried, I know not what to do to fix this. I have several wallets I need to get done that are piling up, back to hand sewing for awhile it seems..lol..
  6. There is a gentleman not too far away from me sewing a Kenmore 6 Stitch machine he called it. He's asking $100 and says that he has sewn almost 3/8 inch leather with it. Does that seem like a good deal, looking at the pictures it looks nice
  7. I'm thinking I should use a cylinder arm because it would make stitching the wallets considerably easier, at least in my mind. Is my thinking correct?
  8. May I inquire as to what machines you run? I am in Omaha Nebraska I don't know if we have any upholstery shops around here but I'm definitely going to start calling today
  9. Hello, I'm trying to Source some European leather, Tandy sells European bends which feel great but as I transition into apparel and accessories I need thinner leather, somewhere around 2 Oz. I would love to get my hands on vachetta leather. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Rocky, what you are doing is exactly what I want to do. Right now I own a holster company which is what I've done for about a decade but I'm wanting to expand more into purses and wallets and clutches. Would it be okay if I added you on Facebook and picked your brain a little bit?
  11. Getting more into making wallets, would like advice on what machine would be best. Want to run 138 thread, bonus if I can use it to also make purses Thank you.
  12. Looking for some advice. I've actually been a member for a long time lost my sign-in information had to start a new account and then I just managed to sign back in for the first time in several months. Here's my dilemma, I'm currently running a ferdco 440r, I've been into leather work for several years now but it's always revolved around holsters and carry belts. I recently started to get into wallets and purses and clutches, fancier stuff LOL. I'm going to be replacing my ferdco with a cowboy 3200. I figure it will do my heavy work such as holsters and carry belts but I can also swap out the thread and needle and work on my other projects mentioned above. With the wallets and purses and clutches and even dress belts I was wondering if a 138 thread would be more appropriate then 207? When I assemble my wallets I was thinking on the insides I could go with it and even lighter thread such as a 90 then do my edges using 138. For showing the insides with a 90 weight thread I was thinking about picking up another machine something economical as well, any recommendations on that would be greatly appreciated I was thinking something like a cheap singer walking foot? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you very much.
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