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    Small leather goods such as wallets, key holders, and more.
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  1. I’ve definitely come a long way since I started with leather about 4 years ago. Like others have said, I’d say it really is based on your personal preference for tools and what you’re doing. I still have a long way to learn about craft and tools. But Ive gotten to a point where I want to put some more money into tools that can be helpful and make the work a little easier. It’s starting to seem more worth it 4 years later. I’m also pretty frugal with not wanting to spend more than I’ve needed. That being said, I’d really suggest for you to go buy a bag of scrap leather from hobby lobby and Micheal’s, or other places (those seem to be easily accessible). They have some good pieces to make simple projects out of and are about $6 with coupons. Honestly, if you’re just wanting to try your hand at it some, I think some good things to start with at something to cut with (a box cutter, rotary cutter, dedicated leather blade), rubber/contact cement, some pricking irons and awl or chisels for stitching holes, a hole punch (rotary or individual punches are pretty cheap), thread, a straight edge/ruler are really all you need to make some simple projects. And all of them you can get for under $50. Amazon has some pretty decent cheap kits that will definitely get the job done for now. And if you want to progress more, as this thread has shown, there’s lots of tools and ways to get the job done if you enjoy it enough!
  2. Thanks guys. Right now I'm pretty good on scraps. But if i need any soon, i may let you know i mostly am lookingfor scraps to make smallet projects, the biggest being wallets. @Brianm77 that would be interesting.
  3. Thanks! I've looked at Springfield and like some of their offers. I agree on Tandy's as well. In the past I've used a lot of Micheals and Hobby Lobby leather scraps. Recently, I've been trying to see about finding other (perhaps better) sources of scraps/remnants.
  4. Does anyone in Chicago/Chicagoland Area know where I could get some scraps/remnants? I've looked around at some places in the city and online, but am looking for some more advice/sources if anyone has any. Thanks!
  5. Hi, do you need help still? I'd love to try and help out. I live on the northwestern side of the city. Message me if you're interested!
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