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    All kinds of art, from drawing and painting to sculpting, to leather working and more. Ideally I'd like to someday learn metal working and wood working, but I haven't got the tools (or the money for them)

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    None yet, I'm a beginner. Just learning the basics.
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    Western Horse gear (headstalls, breast collars, show halters, and eventually saddles!)
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    I searched for something, I can't even remember what it was now...

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  1. EmilyEstelle

    Black And Silver Leather Fantasy Armor

    That's pretty awesome.
  2. I don't have a gauge, (I know..) but looking at it I'd say 14 oz + Its THICK... Armor might be an idea... I am going to do a pair of sandals for my daughter and the soles are definitely going to be from that. I'd have to make a lot of sandals to use it all up.
  3. Hi, I've had half a cow rolled up in the corner of my living room since it was given to me. Its such a big, thick hide that I'm not sure what to make with it. Thinning it is a chore. I am a novice so ...I am looking for ideas for projects that would suit such a thick hide (and my very basic skills...) If I thought it wouldn't just be a shameful waste of leather I'd find a saddle tree and give it a shot... But, I don't believe in throwing away good resources. Does anybody have ideas on what to make with something like this? It is a LOT of leather, and its very heavy duty! Thanks, Emily
  4. EmilyEstelle

    Viking raiders WIP

    That looks really cool
  5. EmilyEstelle

    Wickett & Craig Show Harness

    Mine sees a skin and thinks... Hmmm rawhide....
  6. EmilyEstelle


    Really cool. Yeah Cameron Diaz was my guess too.
  7. EmilyEstelle

    Viking raiders WIP

    That is a vast improvement
  8. EmilyEstelle

    Viking raiders WIP

    Hi, I might be able to help a little with the water. Its easier if I show you on your own piece of art what I'm talking about so I hope you don't mind if I drew over the top of it.. First, because of the perspective your longboats are at, there would *likely* be a horizon line behind them at some point, which I added. The big waves became the mid-ground, they show you how wild the ocean is. Because the swells you made were so large, and you implied a lot of big splashing, that should carry over into the rest of the water. Adding some whitecaps makes it look windy, stormy, wild. Toward the horizon the waves are almost indiscernible, but they should get larger and more pronounced as they get closer. Where the boats are breaking the waves, the water breaks at the prow, spraying up, and back. Just adding some lines that show motion helps with that. Hope this helps, and hope you don't mind me drawing over the top of your image. D: Emily
  9. EmilyEstelle

    First project: Dog Collar

    Yeah that was the route I went too. Then I needed a skivver that actually worked and a strap cutter. Replaced a few things in the kit that were utter crap with slightly less crap options... They are not good tools, but they get the job done for now and I'll just replace them as I am able. Looking for a reasonable basket weave stamp and need a new hammer... But we all have to start some where I guess.
  10. EmilyEstelle

    First project: Dog Collar

    Thanks, I can think of a lot of things I'll do differently next time, but its not bad for a first try. I was going to attempt basket weave on it but its only 3/4 inch wide. Maybe on something a little bigger... @battlemunky Oh no! That's awful... The poor dog!
  11. Hi, I've been lurking here for a little while. Figured I'd actually contribute instead of hiding in the proverbial hedges and peering out at you all from between the leaves. A little about me: I'm from Wisconsin, (I literally live down the street from where I grew up, so I've not strayed far...) I am a care worker, have been for probably 15 years but I have an odd assortment of talents/interests. I'm an artist/graphic designer/illustrator (freelance it when I have time). As an artist, I'm really interested in tooling - Its like sculpting and drawing and painting all rolled into one. I also train/rehabilitate horses (and dogs) whenever I get the chance. I have wanted to get into leather work for a long time and never really could manage it. My line of work pays badly, and leather and tools are expensive so I'm getting to it a little later than I'd have liked. I would like to start making horse tack. Bridles/headstalls, breast collars, and eventually saddles, but you know, start small. So the first thing I've made (aside from a rather bad wrist band that my husband wears out of charity) is a collar for our little dog Oscar. It turned out ok, except I didn't measure to the center of the band to punch holes for the rivets so they are a bit off center. At any rate here it is. (Probably should add: I'm obviously up for constructive criticism/suggestions!) Emily