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  1. Habadelly

    Finished this beauty...

    Beautiful, great details and nice pattern I would also like to see it how its's worn.
  2. Habadelly

    Are girls allowed? :P

    Another girl just joined here. Beautiful work and your stamp is very nice.
  3. Habadelly

    Briefcase -satchel

    Thanks for the feedback. The edges are burnish and some are paintend. But it's something i'm working on very hard to get smooth edges. But by searching and reading here on the forum i think i'm not the only one who is dealing with the same problem thanks for the feedback. i agry that my stitching issn't perfect, but it's not too bad for the first time. I go myself some new tools (chisels) that hopefully will help me to improve my stitching. But it all comes down to a lot of practise. and that's what im working on.
  4. Habadelly

    Briefcase -satchel

    thanks Here you are and i added a brighter photo of the outside as well
  5. Habadelly

    Briefcase -satchel

    The leather is a 2,5 mm veg tan.(Shoulder) (the gusset was 1,5 mm). The thread is a waxed thread number 8 (just very basic thread) I used fiebings antique finish for the carving (in combination with 5 layers of ecoflow satin shene) and fiebings dye for the small parts (tan and medium brown) For finish i first did 2 layers of satin shene and then another 2 layers of fiebings resist (to make it more water resisitent) totally handmade, following the instrucables made by Caracoda (she used Stolhmans and made some small adjustments)
  6. Habadelly

    Briefcase -satchel

    Thanks thanks, I hope that one day i will be as good as some of the guys from here. Or as good as this guy ;http://www.tipoeubolsas.com.br/index.html Thanks, i must confess that i did make it with direct feedback from a teacher. Maybe that spared me the mistakes.
  7. My very first attempt of leatherwork! Just started last year. I'm very proud of it. It took my quite some time since i had to learn everything; from drawing and cutting pattern, to carving and stitching. Very thankful for the nice tutorial from instructables made by Caracoda. It helped me a lot. And sorry for the crappy pictures. I don't have a good camera