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  1. Hello this is the first time on here so please bear with me ....not sure how to use this website yet 

    but learning fast i was asked to sell this machine 111WSV77  was mounted in an old kitchen table with bits of wood for a for a foot pedal and it wouldn't stitch at all

    a  was extremely out of time with a little you tube research and good old Google was able to service it enough to get sew a decent stitch from my gleanings i have found out that this 

    machine is a USA made ....... walking foot leather machine with possible hardened parts 

    The problem is i have grown attached to it and want to keep it 

    I demolished the table as it had seen much better days there was no foot petal only a slab of wood with door hinges attached 

    and lets not even discuss the electrical configuration (worse than night mares ) hence that got lopped and chopped 

    it desperately needs a new timing belt that will be interesting fitting that i am sure 

    how ever i did manage to sew through 8 layers of 8 oz canvas by hand so am pretty happy with that (see Photos)

    80+ years of grim has yet to be cleaned off 

    I guess what I am trying to say what would someone pay for a machine like this that was out of time 

    needed a new table and new motor and new belt (price???????and were from ??????????) although (old motor still works) and extremely poorly kept any idea guys there is a fellow by the name of

    Dikman who from my readings (LEATHERWORK)has this same machine I would like to know how much he paid for his and what condition it was in when he got it 

    As I want to pay the current owner a fair price ......SO I CAN HAVE ME SOME FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS the bottom photo is only a toy 132k6 haha i want add to my collection 

    and i did score a clutch motor(for 70 dollars ) looks worse than it runs  (whisper quiet)

    and if do decide to buy the machine it will get an upgrade and i will make my own table etc anyone welcome to comment cheers Glyndon 



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