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  1. Joined up ages ago so not sure what took me so long to start joining in! Have been doing leatherwork and running courses for a number of years since and have recently launched Waxing the Thread, the only UK magazine for leatherwork hobbyists - the only one I can find anyway :-) Always looking to expand my skills and knowledge and am equally as happy to share my own...
  2. Waxing the Thread is a new UK leatherwork magazine for hobbyists of the craft. It has 36 pages of Patterns, projects, how-to's and articles and is aimed at beginners - it is also a great read for anyone on their leatherwork journey, whatever their level of skill. Issues #1, #2 and #3 are currently available from
  3. GDH

    first bag

    Hey that's pretty neat! Love the leather
  4. GDH

    Stitching Pony

    I can't help with the era, but it is really beautiful. What a great find!
  5. GDH

    Belt lengths?

    34"; 36' and 38". But if you take a few tools along with you could make the belts extra long and use the end tipper and hole punch when people buy - that makes the customer feel they're getting a bit more than 'off the shelf' too. It makes for longer customer interaction, is a nice service to provide and people will remember you for next time.
  6. GDH

    Mold or Wax

    Looks like it might be wax. Maybe try buffing it with a soft brush
  7. Yep, Yep, It's great!
  8. GDH

    New leatherwork magazine

    Thanks for your help Tom
  9. Ran an advert with me recently so definitely still trading.
  10. GDH

    My first leather / canvas bag

    Amazing for a first! Looks great! I love that it's lined with zipped pocket - always good to have a secure one.
  11. GDH

    Bobberjob UK

    Love these, especially the bags!
  12. GDH

    New leatherwork magazine

    Can anyone advise where I could post news of our new UK Leatherwork magazine? I don't want to post in the wrong place and have emailed a few times but I guess admin gets swamped with those! Thanks