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  1. Ragingstallion

    Cue Case Build

    Looks great, but is the bottom just glued in?
  2. currently not mine, but will be. buddy was using my 69 cutlass for a year because all of his stuff was in a different state. he got into a wreck that totaled it, so he bought the fairlane for new transportation, and will be signing the title over to me when his stuff gets here. loads...but not specifically for doing leatherwork. he joked when i showed him the visor and asked if i wanted to redo the seats.....yeah, no.....im not sewing the seat covers by hand.
  3. Trying something new, car upholstery. This first a 63' fairlane. One down, one to go
  4. I have vary few videos on this. and so far the best one was with a leather burner tool. I tested it, but also I burned the leather a few good times doing it. now the image transferred, but not happy with all the burned areas. was thinking of trying the iron or something. Now usually i prefer to carve the leather, but I do have a friend that is professional artist, and i thought on my next project for her, it would be great to put one of her images on it somewhere. and her details with shading are grand, and have not found a way to do anything close to giving her art justice. Ideas? I am using a laser printer for printing out the images.
  5. A thought crossed my mind, as I am sure a lot of you have thought about setting up a shop and just doing nothing but work with leather and sell your products and living off your hobby. I was curious how many of you have an actual shop set up in your area that customers can come in and see your work? besides for Tandy's, I have only seen two shops around, one only lasted for about four months, and the other, they seem to never really be open. But with getting some new land near a small town, was day dreaming of the possibility of starting up a small sales/workshop. If you have done this, lets see those pictures of your area. if you have just thought about it, keep dreaming, maybe some of us will actually do it in our life. but as for the rest, what do you think the pro's and cons are of doing this? I know, I know, the internet is where it is at. but I am one of those people that likes to feel and see in person things that im going to buy, so its a huge plus to have shops like this pop up.
  6. I have been looking around the site, and have yet to find anything on it. maybe i didn't look long enough, though i think 15 minutes of searching is long enough. How you do you store your waxed thread? I am getting a good sized pile of waxed thread, and i love to leave them in the plastic bags they come in. but the drawer that i made on my tool stand is overloaded. so was looking for other ideas on how/were to store them.
  7. So your in the same boat as me, cuz that is what i am using. best solution that i have so far is to take a thick sewing needle to push them through. if they are really lodged in there, turning the punch around and lightly tapping the needle (blunt one btw) with a maul. and i have tried parafin, bees, and oils like olive, coconut and more, still nothing. and most things that i work on, have at least 200 holes in them. i deal with it, just annoying.
  8. I was commissioned by a friend who recently became a chef. I agreed to it, already have a design laid out, but I am not sure if my selection would work. I am thinking of a grey Kodiak side, but if i do that, not sure if i should line it with something. looking for suggestions on what leather you would use, and if you line it, with what?
  9. a few different punch sizes, from round to oval...tend to get clogged up after you use them X amount of time. new tools, usually pretty awesome, just push right on through, but the ones i use the most, they just keep getting worse and worse on keeping the leather plugs in. I have tried sharpening the edges, and have used beeswax (that just made it worse) and im not sure what else to do? anyone else have this problem? anyone figure out the solution?
  10. you are going to have a hard time wet molding it if you used snow seal. That is used to waterproof and protect the leather. i use it on my hats for keeping my head dry for when it rains and snows. you will probably have to use cleaners on the leather to be able to get the wet forming
  11. Was notified by a friend of this the first day they did it. stayed up till 4am that day, about 12 hours of "purchasing" on their site. and a few more hours after i woke up. then about 5 hours of d/ling from the site onto my flash drive. well worth it. only a few things i did not get, mostly in the doodles section. might go back to grab them. it is a great way to honor Al Stohlman. anyone figure out how to get the videos though? i dont have internet at home, and the closest cell service is 40 minutes away.
  12. Looks great, though I personally would have ended it at the end of the tank, or even tucked it between that seat and the tank.
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