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  1. Ragingstallion

    Motorcycle Tank Bib

    Looks great, though I personally would have ended it at the end of the tank, or even tucked it between that seat and the tank.
  2. Ragingstallion

    Motorcycle Fork Bags

    Looks good
  3. Ragingstallion

    lighten the color

    it was on a group I am on facebook with, they took a picture of what they did, and I asked them what color they used and they specified that it was fiebings purple that they put into their spray gun.
  4. Ragingstallion

    lighten the color

    no, have not tried water dilution yet. I just got it. but will give that a try
  5. Ragingstallion

    lighten the color

    I got a special order on some fiebings purple, as the shop doesn't carry it. I am currently working on a commission, and they saw what the Fiebings purple looks like on an other project, and they really want it. problem I am having is, no matter how I apply it, be it a cloth, sponge, dobber....I can not get it to stay a consistant lighter color like they used in the picture they found. it is the exact same dye, however they used a spray gun. I do not have one! so my question for those who may have had a similar problem, is how do I lighten up the color without buying a spray gun? do I need to just add some reducer to it? I am unsure at this point.
  6. Ragingstallion

    Hand of God Holster

    looks good, but...why name it the hand of god? just curious on that. but also, having the bottom sealed, no opening is a little worrisome.
  7. Ragingstallion

    Dice cups

    looks good, been needing to make some of these myself.
  8. Great job, this gives me some new ideas. thank you for sharing
  9. Ragingstallion

    New to forum

    Welcome to the forum. and yes, there is a large amount of useful threads for you to browse through. and if chances are (highly doubt it) that you can't find help on what you are looking for, just ask, there will sure to be someone who has done it or can point you in the right direction.
  10. Ragingstallion

    Leather covered buckles

    you could just find a buckle shape you like, and wrap it yourself
  11. Ragingstallion

    Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    ive been waiting for someone to do some armor from skyrim, and it is looking awesome. can't wait to see the final piece
  12. Ragingstallion

    Show your Shop

    Time to show off my little work area.
  13. Ragingstallion

    Storing leather in small space

    Pretty much, and with a wall anchor, you can do one strap holding it, and add straps onto that one for the leather to sit in.
  14. Ragingstallion

    Mouse Pads

    I was just going to suggest this, as I have done the same thing with my mouse pads. glad you found it, and I do love the self adhesive foam pads they have, goes on, and stays on with ease.
  15. Ragingstallion

    Storing leather in small space

    if you dont mind making some new holes in the walls. could make a strap system like blindes and hang them from the top of the wall. would kinda be like the wine holder at tandys, but bigger, and just straps.