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  1. I will shoot another video with cover plate off showing the hook timing slowly-
  2. ok at the machine now- im not so much confused with the actual hook timing but all the other timing- ill shoot a quick yt vid now and try go over the setup- I would like to make sure the timing marks are correct before attempting hook timing- heres a quick vid-
  3. hi all - 112w139 sorry - shop not sure.. Yes I watched uwes vid- ok ill try get something up - if anyone has time for a skype/whatsapp video call to speed things along that would be wonderful! I would DEF make a youtube video going thru all the checks- appreciate the help so far, i just need to find some time to figure out what to even film lol..
  4. Hi all - we are pulling our hair (and stitches!) out with this machine. We took it to a local shop and paid them, after the 2nd trip we gave up on them. It still sews great for a few stitches, then skips - Im quite technical but the manual is like a 1930s newspaper and im a VERY technical person and need exact in-falterable details - not a bag of ambiguous "instructions"- Please can someone try help us time this darn machine - how hard can it be! I machine engines at my shop - it CANT be that hard. I swung it up and rotated by hand until I could observe the hook piecing the loop and kept making adjustments- but the top arm that swings up and down seems like its in the wrong place- like its going down at thw qrong time slackening the whole tensioning system and messing the sequence up - I have started reading this gr8 thread but still too many variables - Ill try work thru that in the next few days and if there is anything you want me to video/upload or take not of and post please please let me know how I can help u help me! Thanks!
  5. Every time i power on the machine it runs for 2s then stops and waits, it works perfectly after that.. Ive made sure the pedal is a 1/4 inch from the start position but still does it - its seen about 30mins of use since we bought it last yr.. Works gr8 otherwise - any ideas? Its a juki rm controllable servo - 100 bucks on amazon..
  6. so ur saying the 112sw139 attachments are propreitory? ie no other fittings are compatible? was hoping adding a 1/8 pipe fitting wd be as easy as going on ebay and clicking buy now :/
  7. Hi there - trying to find out what part # or spec I need for our 112w139 singer, my wife is only using the one side as we hardly need the dual feed.. Will the pipe attachment for a 111w fit on one side? Also - what about the chinese stuff? one for $5 online- little easier than 40-50 bucks ive seen.. we do home sewing, nothing large quantity thanks!
  8. Hi guys - been all over this amazing forum getting info on machines! My wife is crafty and has had an interest to get into upholstery for a while! We dont have alot of $ so its been REAL hard finding something worthwhile in our budget - picked up this guy yesterday for $350 with table, lamp and everything.. She needs a little tlc but works fine! We will upgrade to a servo motor and possibly a walking foot. Is it true this is the double needle version of the infamous 111? Anyway - ordered some thread on amazon to get her going. If you see anything missing / out of place let us know - we are both new, and since im a boat mechanic im in the technical service department! Thanks!
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