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    besides leatherwork any thing else that is becoming a lost art also music , art, family, the outdoors

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  1. This was the first bag type project I've ever done. I focused more on the tooling than the construction, but I'm actually pretty pleased with how it went together. I dyed the front a darker color than the gusset & I'm regretting that a little bit. Some of the resist didn't work out quite right. But overall, I'm pretty pleased. What do you guys think?
  2. Outstanding very nice , makes my skulls and monsters seem silly.
  3. Hey Hey.. Been gone for a long while check out my new gallery.



  4. Hey hey , not much for public jeers would you take a look at the tool bag I made and tell me what you think its in my gallerys titled tool bag or sumthin creative like that seeing as we have the same artistic interests id really appreciate it. Cheers Damion

  5. damion

    Koi Seat

    Hey great seats did u resist the koi or paint ?
  6. damion


    Actually that is a close up of the gussett section of my tool pouch , w/the hanya w/ snake in mouth thanks for the comment. Cheers
  7. Dig your style man zombie horse makes me think of "Dead Horse" keep it up

  8. damion

    practice stuff

    newb tryin like hell to learn
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