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  1. I think I got it!!! I adjusted the hook position, and re adjusted the hook latch. Better but still skipping. Upped the needle size. Still skipped, watched the functions very closely... I had put on a new foot it seemed to contact you the needle. Put on the old center foot VOLA! full 8” runs 20+ times without a hitch may widen the hole on new center foot or it may be too tall, all I know is it’s working great now w/ old center foot and new outer foot Thanks for all y’all help, and I hope this helps someone else too
  2. I cross referenced the spacing with the consew and Juki manual. That is definitely something I have not checked, and that seems like it very easy adjustment. The machine is running great and smooth. It’s just that In about a 10-15 inch run it will skip 1 to 2 stitches. Additionally it’s good information to know that if you change the needle significantly, you need to change the hook position. When I bought the machine it had a very large needle in it probably 20+ I downsize the needle to between 16 and 18 and that could’ve easily thrown that off. I also think that my needle guard washer is not properly Adjusted. I will definitely post results so as to help anyone else
  3. I have manuals; PDFs from internet. Don’t have the rig marks on the needle bar, but from what I’ve adjusted it seems correct. Your link is not working. i think the hook needle spacing sounds like a good place to check. Changed needle size so seems reasonable thanks and I’ll post results
  4. My singer 111w153 runs well and seems to be adjusted correctly. I still have random dropped/skipped stitches. Alredy done Verified timing adsusted feet changed and checked timing belt changed take up bell crank cleaned and adjusted tension plate verfied bobbin tension adjusted sewing hook guide latch New belt and adjusted clutchmotor still at a loss as to my problem. Could be: thread/needle size timing not right with needle bar IDK... please help
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