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  1. SaddleBags

    Arizona Twist

    I have a tool which allows me to set leathers off the saddle. This stretches the leathers and contours the fenders at the same time and doesn't require a drawdown stand. It is much better than the broomstick method because you can apply lots more pressure and the set will remain, even if the thong comes unwrapped.
  2. SaddleBags

    Hello from afrique de l'ouest

    oh! You're from Africa. Do you know ....?
  3. SaddleBags

    Speed loader pattern

    Don't bother even trying it without a full loader with either live ammo, or preferably a full complement of snap caps. You'll just end up doing it over.
  4. SaddleBags

    Power Burnisher

    I didn't do it myself, but I have one that someone else made for me. Works great with a multi-diameter wooden spindle and various "cuts" for 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 edges.
  5. SaddleBags

    Plastic for Templates and Cutting Guides

    My buddy and I have been looking for the same thing over the past couple of days. A friend got me a sheet of 5 mil clear acrylic from someplace in Carson City, but I can't run that down. It looks like Lowes might have what we need, but since we both live out here in the weeds, we won't get to town to check it out until near the end of the week. I'll report back.
  6. SaddleBags

    Box loop Stapler - Need harness maker's help!

    I sew all of mine, as it avoids the corrosion problem. Have you considered that?
  7. SaddleBags

    Newbie from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

    Welcome. Haven't heard from nor of Mississigua since the War of 1812. What's been going on up there since then?
  8. SaddleBags

    Changing swivel knife blades

    Look at how the blade attaches, then buy one like it. Or at least know who the maker if that knife is and buy it from the maker.
  9. SaddleBags

    Changing swivel knife blades

    When you buy the replacement blade, make certain that it will be compatible with your knife. Not all blades fit all knives.
  10. SaddleBags

    Saddle construction

    Kinda left that a bit open=ended there, Reddodge. Want to be a bit more specific?
  11. SaddleBags

    New to Leather, out West.

    The closest supplier to you is probably Goligers, in Ventura. Carlos is very knowledgeable and will not steer you wrong. As for tools, I would suggest that you invest in a good head knife and if you will be doing any tooling at all, a top-quality swivel knife. Before investing in a lot of other tools, it would be helpful to know what types of this you will build. Saddle making takes a whole different set of tools than does wallet and belt making. Let me know where I can help.
  12. SaddleBags

    New to Leather, out West.

    Good luck. Lots of resources here. What part of California?
  13. SaddleBags

    old saddle question

    Dear Elk, You bet. In fact that's the way I first learned to construct a saddle. First off, are you certain that the leather is not recoverable? I had an old Lichtenberger Fergeson that was harder than Chinese Arithmetic and I treated it for nearly 18 months, but it eventually came around and is now back in use. As for "decent shape" -- either the tree is in good shape or it's not. Remember that eventually someone will be riding this and covering up structural problems with leather will not serve them when/if they get into a jackpot. Check for strength and integrity prior to attempting to re-build on the tree. Good luck and let us see the result - or pictures in progress.
  14. SaddleBags

    Leash and Collar for large strong dog?

    Where are you located? And the operative question is, How strong/big are you? Do you need more than a leash? Are you the weak link in the chain or is it the leash. Need more to go on.
  15. SaddleBags


    Well, this is the place. Welcome aboard.