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  1. tazar


    carving veg tan leather and painting
  2. I want to try to make it, not to buy it
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a pattern for a biker leather vest. Something close to this models.
  4. Hello, i have some PDF patterns for sale. Payment via PayPal. If you're interested can send me e-mail from which the payment is made, where you will get back the model in PDF format. My e-mail for payment is kostadin7@gmail.com. Price is 15$.
  5. Big messenger bag. Price 35$
  6. Holster for Walter P22. Price 19$
  7. and card pocket behind
  8. I'm glad you liked it
  9. One more model - #23. Price 19$ One or two buttons version.
  10. ok, i'll send it when i see payment
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