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  1. Which machine is better for stitching 2 or 3 layers of 2mm thick vegetable tanned leather? Mitsubishi 340/ 350 or Juki 341n? Planning to make bags and wallets. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone used an unplugged hydraulic t-shirt heat press as an alternative to steel rule die clickers?
  3. Could I use Vinymo thread sizes 8, 5, and 1 with Juki LS 341n? #8 - 0.5mm #5 - 0.6mm #1 - .75mm #0 - 1.00mm Based on the Juki manual I read online, thread sizes it could take are from #40 to #8. Does it mean that the thickest Vinymo I could use with the machine is #8? Thank you!
  4. I don’t have any prior experiences handling sewings machines and have always just handstitched bags and wallets. For my first machine, I am considering a second hand Juki LS-341N. Is it a good machine for stitching 2 to 3 layers of 2mm vegtanned leather? How about oil or chrome tanned leather, denim, or canvas? What’s the thickest Vinymo thread that I could use with the Juki? For needles, Schmetz seems to be a good option. What sizes work best with Vinymo? Thank you!
  5. ^^Thank you, kgg! Thabks for the UPS tip! Do you have one in stock?
  6. I’ve never used a sewing machine before and just stitch bags and wallets by hand. I am considering a second hand Juki LS-341N as my first machine, and I have a few questions. I’m really hoping you could help me out. Is Juki LS-341n a good machine for stitching 2 to 3 layers of 2mm vegtanned leather? How about oil or chrome tanned leather? Denim? Thick canvas? Do I really need a servo machine with it? I was told by a local dealer that it is more expensive than a clutch motor and since electricity in our country is not that stable, any fluctuations will damage the computer board of the servo motor. Will using an AVR solve the problem? Also, what specific things should I look for in a servo motor? I also remember the dealer saying that locally available servo motors are too weak. We use 220v here. Can I use a 110v servo motor from the US and just have it shipped here? Is that a good idea? If yes, what specifications for the transformer should I use? If I won’t be able to get my hands on a servo motor immediately and have to use a clutch motor, what should be the specs? What should I ask the dealer/mechanic to do with the clutch motor so I could use the sewing machine while waiting for a servo replacement? If I use the machine with denim, or denim and leather, do I need to switch to a clutch motor? For 2 layers of 2 mm thick vegetable tanned leather, what kind of needles should I buy? How about for 3 layers? I plan to use Vinymo thread. What’s the thickest size I could use with the Juki 341n and what kind/number of needle is appropriate? If I go a size thinner, what’s the corresponding size of needle should I use? I’ve read that some sewing machines tend to leave marks on the leather. What is that part called? Is there a special tool I could use to avoid that? I’ve also read that some people had to file down the ridges. Could I buy an already-smooth one? What other things/attachments should I buy so I could maximize the use of the machine? Sorry for bombarding you with questions. Although I’ve read some posts pertaining to this specific machine, I wasn’t really able to find out if it’s okay to use it with vegtanned leather. Thank you so much!
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