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  1. The white that people refer too is the sun reflecting off the highly burnished Buttero correct
  2. I Everyone I recently tried out a new design for a handbag, I had previously made a more basic design for my petanque boules which was made out of Indian Buffalo hide , it was cheap and nice and strong, so decided to make a higher grade version utilizing my wet formed end pattern and some Buttero vegetable tanned cow hide from Tuscany which is one of my favorite leathers to work with due to it's fantastic quality. This was a commission for a customer here in New Zealand who now owns a very unique handbag. Don & Denise Albannach Crafts Havelock New Zealand
  3. Nice to see another Kiwi leather worker on here, New Zealand leather supplies in Auckland is very good to deal with , I buy all my vege tan leather from them - good quality and great prices as well. Cheers Don Albannach Crafts Oamaru New Zealand
  4. Thanks a lot Constabulary for the updated link, it was just what I was looking for. It's nice to have the manual for my singer 133k10 now as in the near future I want to learn how to use it.
  5. Hi Everyone Thanks for the kind comments and yes the gusset was a bit of a nightmare to figure out but in the end it came together very well. This bicycle is a replica that was built in Denmark in the 1970s and I am lucky enough to have a long term lend of it for cycling to work everyday . It's the most comfortable bicycle I have ever ridden !
  6. Hi Constabulary I was trying to open the link you provided with the down load as I have a Singer 133K10 and was wanting a copy of the user manual , but it appears the link is not working now. Do you still have it available ? Cheers Don
  7. While reading a history book on the Dursley Pedesen bicycle company , I found a very small black and white image taken from their 1903 catalog showing their bicycle luggage so I decided to reproduce it, the gusset was a challenge as every side is a different length and width with a taper to suit the unique style of frame of this bicycle that was first produced in the early 1890s. It is hand stitched from 3 mm vege tan hand dyed antique brown cowhide with beige linen thread. To finish it off I used historic oval style brass buckles.
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