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  1. I swapped out to a size 23 needle with 69 thread and lowered the foot tension. I tried a couple different things and came up with this, which I think looks pretty decent. The photo shows the silicone grip bumps I referred to previously. If you have any comments or suggestions, please add them. Thanks.
  2. I'm not having trouble with the material getting caught in the feed dog at all, but am just kind of struggling creating a well-polished product. nylonRiggin: I might try to get a flatbed attachment made up or purchased in the future. I'll add the specifics as to needle size when I take a look. I'm not having any problems with the sewing, although the bottom thread does seem to bunch up a little. Maybe I'll try a larger needle next time. I believe I have 69 with a 19 needle right now. RockeyAussie: I am going to try reducing the foot tension. That was an idea I had and am glad you mentioned it again. Thanks for the tips, feedback, and suggestions.
  3. I am using a round point. I think I probably just have the wrong machine for the job.
  4. I tried sewing the edges then folding over, but the elastic has silicone bumps and it creates too much bulk. I’ll give it another shot though and see what happens, but I can’t get too close to the edge or I tend to loose my material underneath and my stitch misses.
  5. I have a project that I'm guessing could be made more easily than how I am doing it. I am using a Singer 153w103 cylinder arm machine to sew 2" hook onto 2" elastic. I am rolling the edge of the velcro under at the attachment point. I am doing this by hand, but would like to know if there is a foot, feet, or attachment I can purchase to make this job more consistent and less time consuming. Lindy
  6. I also need the feed dog screw part number. I think the adjustment wedge screws are 350132. Thanks.
  7. Can anyone tell me the correct part number for the screw that holds the feed dog adjustment wedge? I think it’s 350132c. And while we’re at it, is 200383 the set screw that holds the adjustment screw in place? I ordered that but they don’t fit.
  8. Thanks guys. I’ll try Bob tomorrow. The video was great Uwe.
  9. Thank you all. Upon further investigation someone has rigged the machine at a set stitch length by wedging a pin in the slot. The adjustment and set screw are both missing. Will any type of set screw work? If so, what size am I looking for? Thanks
  10. Trying to figure out how to adjust the stitch length in a way other than with the manual states. As you can see by the attached photo, that’s just not going to work. If anyone can help me out I sure would appreciate it.
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