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  1. There’s nothing vintage on the bag..it’s just the style and look. Thanks! Appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for the kind words everyone! It’s lined with 100% cotton flannel.
  3. Haven’t posted in a while. I started making bags and came up with this design. The leather is Wickett & Craig chestnut bridle And was seen with a techsew 2750.
  4. Those look sharp. What kind of dye did you use for that blue? Airbrushed?
  5. Custom holster I made for a local. This was my first fold over holster, I usually do pancake style holsters. It’s a Ruger Mag 22. He wanted his initials and the Ruger emblem. Unfortunately this was the only picture I got and the angle is a little funky and makes my stitching look a little funky as well. On the back of the accent piece I wet molded a slot in it for a belt. Hand sewn with black ritza 1mm thread. Don’t mind the gut.
  6. Wow, looks very nice. I love the design and two tone of your minimalist wallets. Definitely interested in the laser cutting. It looks so clean.
  7. Thanks, yeah I like the little extra detail on the pockets. The first time I used the overstitch wheel for detail and not sewing was on a bracelet I just got too lazy to actually sew. I thought it looked just fine and some people even thought it was stitched at a quick glance.
  8. Did this wallet for a customers son who just became a Eagle Scout. I drew out the design and tooled it out. BT 42 is Byron Troop 42. It’s made from Wickett & Craig 2-3oz carving leather. It’s hand sewn with ritza .8mm royal blue.
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